Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Outside With Autumn and Weston

The weather has been really nice lately so we go outside a lot. I know summer will be here before I know it and it will be too hot to go out. I put Weston in his bouncer in the shade and just let Autumn run around.
Autumn loves to play in the flowers.

Here she is just playing and spinning.
Autumn has an orange ball that she likes to throw and kick. We play soccer a lot, I hope it is a sport I can put her in when she is a couple years older. She is a fast runner and has a strong kick. I think soccer would be right up her alley.
She was trying to hide I wouldn't kick it. Autumn kept taking breaks to kiss Weston. She LOVES her brother.
Weston. Just hanging out...enjoying himself.

Everyday Autumn and Weston surprise me. I love my kids. Weston is now sleeping 10 hours a night. He is coo-ing and so smiley. He is happy all the time. It's nice having him around. If I am getting on to Autumn for something I just have to look at him and it instantly calms me down.

Autumn has 2 more teeth coming in, which could be attributing to her grumpiness. But the past week it has been better. Also, Autumn has been able to sing parts of the alphabet for the last 6 months, but the last two weeks she is recognizing the letters. It's so fun to sit with her and do flashcards and see how excited she gets when she can say the letter before me. Or when she is playing with her bath foam letters. She likes to put them on the wall of the tub and say the letter. So far she can recognize and say A, B, E, F, G, I, M, O, S, and T. And she can sing pretty much the whole alphabet wih you. I was talking to my friend about how surprised I am with Autumn, because I hadn't practiced letter recognition with her for 6 months, and then I bought her the foam letters for the bath and when she was playing with them out of no where she was saying which letter they were...and she said that Autumn is going to give her future Kindergarten teacher a run for her money. Autumn will most likely need to be challenged. My friend would know, she taught Kindergarten last year, and 1st grade this year. She said many kids she taught last year didn't know any Autumn already has a 3 year start on some! It makes me sad that in my laziness I didn't continue to do flash cards with her, in the 6 months we missed she could have learned alot more. She can count to six, unless she is watching a specific Elmo video, then she will count to 15 with him, and it's completely understandable. But with me she will only count to 6. I am starting to work on colors, and once we get those down I will move to shapes. I want to continue to challenge her and encourage her to keep learning. Learning was never fun for me, but Autumn seems to get excited about everything I try and teach may just be that one on one time she really loves...but I want to be smart about how I use that time with her.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twinkle Toes

Ok- I found this shirt at K Mart, during their going-out-of-business sales here in the area for $2. I was so excited! This shirt is totally Autumn. She walks, runs, stands...does everything on her toes. No matter what type of shoes she is wearing, or even if she is bare foot, she is always on her toes. When ever we are at church or the park; somewhere where people don't see her often they always comment on it!
**She is watching Peter Pan, Autumn has a slight obsession with TinkerBell...thanks G'pa! So she won't look at me.***

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What to say about Weston

What Can I Say? I have been blessed with one great kid. He is always so happy!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Mom and her baby boy.
I love Sundays. I love putting Autumn in a dress and tights and this is the one day I am persistently replacing the bow in her hair after she pulls it out, and I love how handsome Weston is in his Sunday clothes.
Today I couldn't take it and had to take a bunch of pictures of my kids. I thought Autumn was just adorable when she was eating her english muffin with cheese this morning for breakfast.
My brothers wife bought Weston this adorable church outfit. The black pants are still too big, so I put his 0/3 month onesie and sweater vest with some newborn gray slacks. It worked out well.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Autumn has not been herself the past few days, I blame it on her almost being 2 and the terrible two's which I knew we would have to eventually go through, but I was not ready...especially since I have a newborn too. Good thing Weston is so easy.
One thing that always cheers Autumn up is food, especially hot dogs. This girl loves hot dogs, like her daddy. After her nap yesterday I realized she hadn't eaten anything all day because whatever I had made her prior to that she would take a couple of bites of and spit it out. I think she was just being alas I made her a hot dog, I knew she would eat it.
It cheered her up for the time being, while she was in her chair. I am all ears on suggestions on how to deal with the terrible two's. Drew took the first part of this week off to help me out, and then had to come home an hour early yesterday, she is driving me nuts. But I still love her! Just wish I could make her happy and figure out where all this whiney-ness comes from.
Today I am using Goldfish and Ariel to keep her quiet.

I love how she doesnt take her eyes off the tv to get "fish" and how she stands right in front of the tv.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lots of Pictures!

Sorry to overwhelm you with pictures, but I know my family who doesn't live here will just love this. Plus I had a friend this morning tell me she was disappointed in me because I hadn't posted new pictures. It's a busy time with two kids!!
I took Autumn to the play area behind our building, as always, she had a lot of fun.Playing in the slides.Autumn loves sticks. Sticks and Rocks. She is a product of being raised in AZ with little amounts of grass.Climbing all over the playground equipment.Does anyone really need an explanation of why I love Weston? Besides the fact that when he was 6 weeks old he started sleeping through the night, 8-10 hours every night. Here is just one reason why I love him: I was outside with Autumn and Drew was doing homework and when I came back in he was passed out on the couch. I love that he sleeps...and sleeps on his stomach, on his back; with a pacifier, without a pacifier; being held, lying by himself; He sleeps! He makes my life easy. :) Plus he is so happy!
Here he is lookin at Autumn...he loves his sister.Autumn wanted to hold Weston. I don't think he cared for it.

Autumn is looking so grown up to me. Over night she grew out of her 18 mon. clothes and now is wearing 24 mon./2T clothes. Which meant I got to go shopping for clothes for her! And the terrible 2's are present in full force!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Westons Day

Today Weston was blessed. All of the pictures from the blessing and luncheon are on my moms camera. Here are some pictures we took tonight. He is such a happy boy.
Oh, and who can forget Autumn?
***If you wonder why all the pictures of Autumn are blurry, it's because she is constantly moving and won't sit still for long.***