Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Crafts

I did another round of crafts for Halloween. I held a craft day up at my sister in laws a couple of weeks ago with all of her crafty friends. It was a lot of fun. She had a great turn out. I love having a reason to go up there. Autumn just happened to have a Wed off of school for teacher in service and Drew was out of town for a hunting trip so it gave us something to do.

Last week I held my craft night. I told myself all day to remember to take pictures but once people started showing up, and I had 14 people in my kitchen crafting I forgot all about it. I had an amazing turnout and feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends! I love doing this. This has been so much fun for me. It's actually been therapeutic while Autumn is in school all day. :) It gives me something to do and work on and gives me a reason to get together with all my friends.

4x4 Pumpkin Patch

4" Candy Corn- these were the second most popular. They're so cute and festive. Theyre more of a fall decoration and can stay up after Halloween is over.

Trick or Treat Blocks

Witch Plaque-

Witch Plaque variation- my sister in law, her mother in law doesn't have any kids at home. She liked the plaque but the original words didn't apply for her since no kids live at home. I love that she came up with her own saying. It's really cute!!

BOO Wall Sign

Black Burlap Wreath- this was the most requested craft between the two groups. It's so insanely messy and makes you itch but it sure is pretty!

Orange Burlap Wreath- my sister in law has a friend with a black door and she still wanted a wreath but needed it to be something other than black. She asked for orange and at first I wasn't sure. But now I love it!!

Black and Orange Burlap Wreath- at the last minute my sister in law had a friend request a black wreath and I didn't bring any extras so she gave her hers and asked for an orange/black one, I really like it. It's super festive.
I've already started my Thanksgiving crafts, and finished my fall wreath! I will share those after the craft groups! But these Halloween crafts were a lot of fun. I've been selling some on FB as well to my community.