Friday, October 28, 2011

The Zoo

On Sat my sister, her husband, myself and our kids all went to the Phoenix Zoo. I hadn't been since Autumn was 1 1/2. I don't know what took us so long to go back, but the kids love it and we will definitely be going back more often. But it was especially fun going to the zoo with family.

Seriously- you can't tell but my kids were really excited. I am glad one kid knows what to do with a camera in their face. :)
Autumn was happy. :)
While waiting in line to get into the zoo the older kids looked at all the turtles.
It figures that my kids were the uncooperative ones, but out of the 3 pics I took at this spot- this is surprisingly the best one.

The boys on their way up to the tree house. Which overlooks animals.

Autumn, Parker, and Weston looking at the Rhino's.
This is how Bailey was the whole time. Easy Peasy. Man I am so grateful she is so easy going and happy all the time.

Parker wanted a turn pulling Ben in the wagon. It was really cute.

The kids took a break and played in the play area by the petting zoo.

Then we ate lunch.

It was Boo at the Zoo, but we didn't do anything really related to all the festivities, it was really just another day at the zoo for us. But at the Radio Disney area near where we sat to eat lunch there was this pig, which Autumn just adored. Weston wanted nothing to do with him, and I couldn't keep Autumn away.

Next we went to the petting zoo area, which was just goats. But Weston loved it! It took Autumn a minute but Weston was totally in his element.

 Parker and Christy.

 Weston just wanted to be on their level.
Christy and Bailey. 
Autumn pretending to milk a cow, surprisingly she sat right down and knew exactly what to do without anyone showing her.
 Parker and the tractors.

 Parker needs to show Weston how to operate a tractor properly.
 Mark and Ben...while the kids were in the petting zoo and playing on the tractors.
 The babies basically sum up how we all felt once we were leaving the zoo. It was fun but exhausting.
I am so glad we went. My sister brought up that her childhood memories of being at the zoo involved being with our cousins. And so this was a special trip for Parker to have all his cousins who live here with him. They go to the zoo pretty regularly so just being at the zoo was a treat for my kids, but anytime aunts, uncles, and cousins are involved it's an even bigger treat. I am grateful my kids get to make some memories similar to those that my sister and I have from when we were kids.