Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Big Helper

The weather here for a few days in the beginning of Oct. was really cool. Lately it has been back to the 90's, which means it has to be cooling down soon! Anyways, because we assumed the weather would be cooling down Drew spent some money on special parts for his bike, like these self repairing inner-tubes, and other gadgets. When he finally set down to work on everything Autumn wanted to be Daddy's little helper. She hates to feel left out. Sometimes our patience gets worn out with her in situations like this because it would get done so much faster if we just did it ourselves, but surprisingly Drew was very patient and we enjoyed watching her help.
Drew has a '76 Camero that I feel he will always be working on and tinkering with; I can just see him in the future with Autumn in a pair of cover-alls outside helping him with the car.

***My camera was set on a weird setting. Sorry for some of the blurriness.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Trunk or Treat/Ward Fall Festival

I had a lot of fun, Autumn had the time of her life, unfortunately Drew did not enjoy himself quite as much. He is not as social as I am, or as I try to be. I think he likes using Autumn as an excuse and can just walk around with her and pretend to be annoyed that he has to chase around a 17 month old to other people. But I see through him and know the games he plays. He left me at the trunk to pass out treats so he could walk around with Autumn. It's fine, he only knows nursery people, I know all the primary kids and anyone associated with the organization so it was more fun for me. Plus the lady passing out candy next to my car is a Registered Dietitian and having a baby next month, so she thinks we have a lot in common. :) We do, but some RD's can be weird, and she fits in that mold. But it was nice to have someone to complain, laugh, and talk to when the kids were on their third laps around the cars and had obviously dumped their bags out atleast once. :)

Here are pictures of Autumn, and her enjoyment. She is quite our social butterfly.

I didn't mean to cut of the top of her head. She was not into taking pictures before hand, so I just held the camera in mid air and snapped pictures when I thought appropriate. :)
Here she is, during the dinner she ran back and forth the whole time. Many parents commented to me about how she is going to keep me busy in years to come, did they not see that she already does?
Taking a quick break to eat some grapes before heading off.

Can you spot Autumn? They did about a 1/2 hour of dancing. Autumn really enjoyed the Macarena. She watched and moved along as best as she could.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autumns Halloween Garb

Autumn is going to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for Halloween. No, we are not Cowboys fans, but my dad bought her the outfit a few months ago when he went to work in Dallas and it hasn't fit her until now, and we figured why buy a costume when this would work? So I needed to fancy it up, so here is my creation. A very sparkly and decorated trick-or-treat pumpkin for Autumn to hold.

This is all my supplies, plus a garbage bag to catch extra glitter. It was VERY messy!

Phase 1- All the blue stripes.Phase 2... Completion, with silver stripes added. It's as close to perfect as i could get. There is a little more orange showing than I would have cared for. But I had to work fast with glue and glitter. But it will be fun and go well with her costume. Our ward's trunk or treat is this weekend, but I actually decorated this awhile ago. When I get an idea or feel crafty I have to do it right away and get it done or else I won't ever do it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Autumn likes to go in our closet and shut the door. Usually after a few seconds she starts whining until someone opens the door. Today we saw her go in there and shut the door. We waited for awhile and she never cried. Drew realized this time the light was on. Like a moth to a flame, Autumn totally saw the opportunity to play in there with a light on. She started laughing so I opened the door and this is what I saw. I totally had to grab the camera.

She found her Christmas stash, she is looking at her books and the new Pooh bear is sitting on the floor next to her. The only thing she didn't pull out of the bag was her cousin's Christmas present, and two other gifts we have for her. This is starting early. I admit every Christmas going on a scavenger hunt to find my gifts, but I think that began when I was around 10, not 17 months. :)

To avoid a temper tantrum I let her play with the Pooh bear for a few minutes before hiding him again.

Monday, October 13, 2008

We Are Having A Boy!!

Finally! After 3 ultrasounds my dr. got the perfect view of what he needed to see. It is so fun to refer to him and say, "he." Today my mom and I went shopping and she bought some baby clothes. I kept getting drawn to the pink items, but know it will get easier to browse through the brown and blue stuff. I am very excited. I cried for about an hour when I left the dr's. Drew thought I was sad that we weren't having another girl, but that hadn't even crossed my mind. It just hit me and really started to feel real. The reality of us having another kid and that I was having a son was almost overwhelming. Now that a few hours have passed I am very excited, not as overwhelmed, just really happy to know he is healthy, active, and a boy!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Weekend

We go to Snowflake because it's where Drew is from and his family lives there. So we went for conference weekend because that meant neither Drew or I would have to find subs for our classes at church.
Here are some things that kept us entertained.
Autumn has taken a real liking to "papa." Autumns grandpa was very sweet and enjoyed all the "love" Autumn kept giving him all weekend. Even with a broken wrist he still played with her.Between conference sessions everyone decided to play "Superman." It was cute with Autumn, hilarious once Drew's brother and sister tried.
Autumn did the best!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mark Your Calendars!!

In-n-Out’s 60th Year Anniversary is Wednesday, October 22nd. All hamburgers will be sold for 25 cents, Cheeseburgers 30 cents, Fries 15 cents, and drinks are 10 cents!!! So mark your calendars!

So I totally made fun of my brother-in-laws sister because one day she posted a blog that backpacks were on sale at Target. But if she thought people could benefit from the information it's not really something that amusing. So! I have to apologize for my comments when I read it because of this post, I am basically doing the same thing. This information was in an e-mail. I assume it to be true.