Sunday, August 23, 2009

7 Days Left!

Until we know the fate of Drew's student loans. We are excited, and slightly nervous about the verdict that is supposed to be given to students who have loans through Student Loan Express for Silver State Helicopters Aug. 31st. We have waited a year and half to know if we have to pay them back for an education Drew never got, or if students will be forgiven of the loans. (Which Citi-Bank has forgiven all the students of Silver State of their loans which sets the bar high for SLX).
Should we be forgiven we can actually move forward with our life. We built a house close to Drews aviation school, and when the school filed bankruptcy we backed out of our home. Since then we have known it would be hard for us to qualify for much with a pending $70,000 loan on Drews credit. Pending is not good.
So what have Drew and I been doing since finding out Aug. 31st is the supposed deadline? Ignoring the nagging idea that we may actually have to pay back these loans for an education Drew never got, and we are also looking at houses. We drove around today looking at some. Should SLX say all students are forgiven you better bet we will be looking for a larger space. That we can own. But there is still that possibility that everything goes bad and SLX can't take the cuts and has their students repay them. In which we will be stuck.
We have been following a blog, of a lawyer who represents many SLX students, which is how we found out about Aug. 31st. HERE
Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Autumns growing up!

Autumn is still doing very well with her breathing treatments. She now only has to do one a day (before bedtime). The treatment is a steriod to help keep her airways open (it would be the same as an older kid using an inhaler once a day). This should hopefully prevent any future attacks. And it's something we have to do everyday through winter, and then next spring we will see what steps we need to take.We got rid of all her stuffed animals. And any fluffy toys. Since that was the majority of her toys I went garage sale shopping and bought Autumn and Weston some new toys. It was like Christmas for them. Autumn has really loved all her new plastic and/or wooden toys. Especially this train, she played with it for 3 hours Sunday night. It's voice activated and talks back and plays music. You can press a button and it will stop at certain stations on the track. When it goes through the tunnel it's voice sounds echoed. It's a very cute toy. What I LOVE most is I paid $6 for it! This is what her shelves looked like before I had to get rid of any and all stuffed toys in her room:Many of these toys she has never played with and have been used as decor in her room. All of the carebears are being donated because her room is slowly being taken over by princess stuff. Most stuff is in boxes, in case she does out grow this (which the dr. said when she is 4 we may get to atleast have stuffed toys in like Weston's room, but as long as she doesn't play with them or have them in her room) so the Elmo's, frogs, and Pooh/Tiggers are all packed in case Weston can one day play with them. I won't hold on to those toys forever, so if 4 comes and we still can't have any stuffed toys I will just get rid of everything. It was really hard to pack up all the toys, I have so many memories of her playing with things. We bought her an Elmo chair for her 1st birthday, that was her "big" present, and we are giving it to a kid who is in the nursery with Autumn. Since it's stuffed we can't have it. These shelves are now full of picture frames, her movies, and little figurines.
Since we had to get rid of the bedding in her crib we decided to just move Autumn over to the twin bed that's been in her room forever. So far it has not caused a problem. Only twice have we had to tell her to get back in bed, and after saying it once she has stayed. It's been fun to see her open her door and come walking out of her room in the morning. I think she really enjoys the independence and feeling like a big girl.

She really likes her princess blanket, but we are currently looking into hypoallergenic bedding, I was so excited to get to buy cute princess bedding for this bed when she transitioned to it and now all the hypoallergenic bedding that I am finding is plain and boring and expensive. So until I suck it up and buy some, she can enjoy her mismatched bedding and princess blanket. I just have to wash it A LOT!