Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall Crafts

I promise I do more than just craft groups. I am so behind on my blog. We had the funnest fall break ever, and I have yet to post a single thing from that. Anyways. Last week I held a craft day up at my sister in laws again. She had a different group show up this time. It was nice to get to know new ladies. Hopefully they join us again. The next night I held a craft night with my friends. It was a much smaller turn out than usual, but it was so nice to get to sit and chat and catch up. Usually I am bouncing between 3 tables and aswering questions related to crafts while everyone else is chatting it up. So I really enjoyed it. But I've already started working hard on my christmas crafts and I have a feeling they're going to be huge.

This was my fall wreath. Definitely the favorite of all of them.
 This is a large Thanksgiving plaque, I have it setting outside my front door. The quote is perfect.
 The next 3 blocks came as buy one for x, 2 for x, or 3 for x.

 And the final. Gobble til you wobble set. This was the second most popular.
I really enjoyed these crafts. A little something to decorate with till all the Christmas decorations come out. :)