Monday, September 17, 2012

Craft Nights

I'm trying to catch up. Over the summer I held 3 different craft day/nights. It was so much fun. I couldn't believe the excitement and the turn outs I had at each of them. 2 of those craft days were up in ShowLow with Drews sister and her friends. Unfortunately the first one was cancelled because of sick kiddos, so she and I made a couple of the flag block sets and her friends picked up their kits and did them at home. The second craft day a few weeks later was awesome. I love doing crafts and I love sharing what talents I have. I don't take pride in many things, but one thing I do pride myself in seeing or hearing an idea and being able to recreate it. Pinterest has really helped with that too!!

I did my craft night on June 10th at my home and had an amazing turn out. 17 people signed up for various crafts and most people I knew, a lot I didn't and it was wonderful!! 15 actually showed up at my house that night and the other 2 picked up kits for later. We had so much fun. I wanted to take pictures but I was so busy helping people with their crafts and socializing. I seriously love get togethers and hosting this kind of stuff!

So I do have pictures of the crafts I sold.

This was a small 3x5 July 4th block.
 Land That I Love Block Set, this was a favorite!
 Pledge of Allegiance Block
 God Bless America Flag Blocks
This was my biggest seller. I absolutely love this wreath! American Flag wreath

I also sold these online to my local community through a FB page. They were all incredibly popular. I was loved keeping busy and having something to do!

I've got my next craft night planned for the first week of Oct. I didn't want to do the craft nights to close together for fear people would get tired of them, and the stress of them for me. But people are asking about our next one and wanting another one so I'm excited!!! We've got one planned at my home and at my sister in laws again as well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday Camping (7/20)

I'm so behind on my blog! Back in July we went camping for my birthday. I think it took everyone by surprise that I mentioned doing that for my birthday. Drew and I hadn't been camping since I was pregnant with Autumn. So it was long over due to give it a try.

On Fri. my family went up and got to the campgrounds early in the afternoon.
Autumn was really excited.

 It was the second to last weekend of summer before school started so all the campgrounds were pretty packed. Drew immediately set up the tent, we ate lunch which was sandwiches and chips, and we got everything situated right before it started raining.

We all went into the tent and talked, played games, and at one point Autumn asked us all to be quiet and she immediately passed out and slept for an hour and a half. Thank goodness for technology because that kept the younger 2 totally entertained.

We just hung around waiting for everyone else to get up there. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and gorgeous weather.

Mark and Christy's family arrived at the campsites around dinner time. We grilled hamburgers and hung out. Drew made his dutch oven peach cobbler and we used that as my birthday cake.

 It was really fun to have campsites right next to each other. The kids had so much space. We built a great fire, and while all the other adults tried to put kids to bed I watched the fire go out and when it started to rain I went into the tent.

It rained the whole night, and I was miserable. I got maybe 2 hours of sleep. Thankfully my kids slept till 7/7:30 and were all in really good moods.

In the morning Mark made pancakes and bacon, and they also brought donuts and cantaloupe.

We tried to take pictures of all the kids, but a few weren't having any part of that.

 This one is my favorite. The next picture speaks for itself, I love the faces on each of my kids:

Then we went "fishing." Well Drew went fishing and the rest of us watched the kids splash and play. Or if your Mark, he sunbathed.

 Cannon came, he helped keep the kids entertained. They loved throwing sticks in the water and watching him swim back with them.

 These boys are so imaginative. They were putting their sticks in the water and pulling them out quick and said they were fishing.
We went back to the campgrounds and we ate lunch and then packed up our site. While Drew was loading the van these two boys found something very entertaining to do. It grossed me out, but boys will be boys.


 I wouldn't consider myself sold on the idea of camping but I did have more fun and enjoyed myself more than I thought I would. If I could sleep in a tent and on an air mattress then camping would be awesome. I am so thankful to have some family near by and have them join us camping. It would've been much more boring with out them.