Saturday, September 26, 2009

Playground with Autumn

Before this weekend the weather was actually really nice. We were able to go for long walks and take Autumn to a newly remodeled playground. The playground is in a neighborhood just behind us. It has some really nice covered equipment now. She loves the slide, and the area designated for children under 5. Every time we leave I have to drag her away kicking and screaming. My big girl taking on the slide all by herself!Here is Weston just hanging out in the stroller, fully entertained by his sister. (Check out those two teeth!)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weston's 7 month pictures.

We hired a photographer to take Autumns 2 year pictures, Autumn was really hard to get good pictures of. So our photographer agreed to do another session to make it up to us. Autumn had pink eye the weekend of the photos so we just did them of Weston. Which made the photo session ten times easier.
Check out the rest of the pictures HERE, I am really happy with them. Even the ones where he is talking and crying! It shows all sides to his personality, even though he rarely cries like that. He was hungry and mad that I woke him up from his nap to take pictures. Thank you Becca!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Playing In The Rain

I had gotten Weston ready for bed yesterday and was just about to do the same for Autumn when I heard the rain outside. The monsoon season is here but they have been calling it the "non-soon" because of the lack of rain we have recieved this year. Since Autumn rarely gets to play outside because of the triple digits I figured while we were waiting for Drew to get home from work she should get to play in it. She liked it, you can't tell though. She was upset because she wanted to strip her clothes off, but since we were out where people could see her it wasn't appropriate. Which when Autumn doesn't get her way even if she is enjoying herself, she won't show it. :)We have this Welcome bear on our porch. She always says hi and bye to it when we come and go from our place.Here we were when she had finished playing and we were waiting for Drew to show up, watching and smelling the rain.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Busy Busy

I don't update my blog like I used to. I feel so busy! I update my savings blog twice a day, am checking my email constantly to see if my realtor has sent me more housing listings, go out looking with my realtor every other day, and then there is Weston. It's not enough that he was crawling at 5 1/2 months. That's enough to keep a mom busy, but now he pulls himself up on everything. Is that normal for a 7 month old? It's the cutest thing when he gets to his feet, he starts laughing. Like it's this big feat he has conquered. My sister commented to me on how busy my kids are, and asked why I had such busy kids. When I go to friends houses their kids seem just as busy as Autumn and Weston. So to me, my kids are normal. Busy, yes. But for me it's fun that way and if I were to have a kid who acted any different it would be strange to me.

Here are some pictures to explain Weston's busyness. They are all taken with cell phones.

Autumn was watching a movie in her room, thought it would be fun to sit in the laundry basket and Weston climbs up to get her.

My sister watched my kids for a me and she sent me this picture. Weston was sitting in the recliner and he climbed over the arm of the chair to the top of her coffee table.This was just yesterday. I was sitting on the couch and then I see these eyes peering over the coffee table. It was hilarious.He climbs on chairs, bookshelves, anything that he can get his little hands on that will support him. Just one day he started pulling him self up on the book shelf and now he does it all day long. I have to keep a watchful eye on this one!

I was doing a work out video while Weston played around me and I hear him laughing, I look behind me and here he was- in his toy bin:

My little mover. Yes, I realize his onesie is not buttoned, it's brand new, I took off the tags this morning and when I put it on him it wouldn't snap. He jumped from 3/6 month clothes to 6/9 month clothes over night. Now I have a ton of 6 month clothes (like this one) that are new and don't fit.

And he has outgrown his car seat. His head reaches top of it and his feet hang out of it. He is constantly kicking the backseat. So now when I go shopping with him he gets to ride up front!

He held on the whole time like he was on a roller coaster or something. I love this little man. Even though he is busy he is 10 times easier than Autumn ever was. I take him for a walk every morning and he just sits there looking around. Autumn would've needed snacks, toys, drinks, etc... She is my high maintanence child. Weston is a wonderful addition to our family. Busyness and all!