Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas was pretty hectic this year. Especially considering we moved 3 days before Christmas...but luckily all worked out and everything was unpacked and put away for the big guy in red showed up. Can you imagine how much noise he would've made having to unpack his big red bag and tip toe around boxes?

On Christmas Eve we decided to do something different. In my family we always opened one present on Christmas Eve, and on Drews side they open pajamas every Christmas we thought we should break the mold and do our own thing. So we opened ALL the presents on Christmas Eve. I LOVED it! Then there was extra space for Santa to leave his gifts and Christmas morning we could just open Santa presents. I really enjoyed our new "tradition."

I didn't put up and ornaments on my tree this year. Good thing it's prelit otherwise it would have no lights either. The big red bow is from the bow that was on our house when we got the keys to it. The BEST Christmas present ever!

Autumn was a lot of fun this year. She really didn't care what was under the wrapping paper. She just wanted to open it. She was a big help with unwrapping all the presents and getting them all out from under the tree.

Weston was more enthralled with the wrapping paper and bows. Luckily he has such a helpful big sister who helped him unwrap his gifts when he was going a little to slow for her liking!

The kids were spoiled by both sets of grandparents. They got lots of toys, games, and clothes. They made out pretty good. My favorite gifts...Cricut cartridges. I got many great gifts, none of which I got a picture of...just these. :)

After opening all the presents we had hot chocolate and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. It was so nice spending Christmas Eve with just the 4 of us. I am loving having a family of my own that I can start new traditions with. And surprisingly, it was easier being away from my family than I expected. Obviously we missed them, and wished we could be together but it was really nice having it just be the 4 of us. My own little family, making our own traditions and memories.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just a Little Lovin!

We had some friends come into town earlier this week. It was a lot of fun. I think the funnest part (aside from the fact that I have known Sara almost 10 years and we are still great friends, despite the fact she lives in WY, so it's always great to see her and her family) is watching our kids play together. Her son is 7 months younger than Autumn and her daughter is 1 month younger than Weston. The four of them were instant friends. Just see how Autumn and her new "friend" were acting the day they were leaving.

Yep! Hugging and kissing! They needed a little persuasion the first time, then after that they were very comfortable with eachother.

Here's all four of them playing by the door.

It was a lot of fun! A little cramped at times, but so much fun.Thanks for coming to visit S & S!