Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Big Helper

The weather here for a few days in the beginning of Oct. was really cool. Lately it has been back to the 90's, which means it has to be cooling down soon! Anyways, because we assumed the weather would be cooling down Drew spent some money on special parts for his bike, like these self repairing inner-tubes, and other gadgets. When he finally set down to work on everything Autumn wanted to be Daddy's little helper. She hates to feel left out. Sometimes our patience gets worn out with her in situations like this because it would get done so much faster if we just did it ourselves, but surprisingly Drew was very patient and we enjoyed watching her help.
Drew has a '76 Camero that I feel he will always be working on and tinkering with; I can just see him in the future with Autumn in a pair of cover-alls outside helping him with the car.

***My camera was set on a weird setting. Sorry for some of the blurriness.

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