Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Weekend

We go to Snowflake because it's where Drew is from and his family lives there. So we went for conference weekend because that meant neither Drew or I would have to find subs for our classes at church.
Here are some things that kept us entertained.
Autumn has taken a real liking to "papa." Autumns grandpa was very sweet and enjoyed all the "love" Autumn kept giving him all weekend. Even with a broken wrist he still played with her.Between conference sessions everyone decided to play "Superman." It was cute with Autumn, hilarious once Drew's brother and sister tried.
Autumn did the best!!

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Malik Family said...

That looks like a fun weekend. I would like to be close to my brother enough to be comfortable playing "superman". GRANTED, I might brake his legs if he tried to "fly" me so all around it wouldn't work out ha ha. Looks like you had fun that weekend even if you don't care much for Snowflake :)
Remember: We'd love to have you and your family here. You can fly into Idaho Falls and we can pick you up :) :) soooooo feel free. :) It really is pretty gorgeous here during the winter and spring and fall, I would say summer but I'm just generally not a huge fan of summer. Anywho, just thought I'd throw that out there. TAH ~ Sara