Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Trunk or Treat/Ward Fall Festival

I had a lot of fun, Autumn had the time of her life, unfortunately Drew did not enjoy himself quite as much. He is not as social as I am, or as I try to be. I think he likes using Autumn as an excuse and can just walk around with her and pretend to be annoyed that he has to chase around a 17 month old to other people. But I see through him and know the games he plays. He left me at the trunk to pass out treats so he could walk around with Autumn. It's fine, he only knows nursery people, I know all the primary kids and anyone associated with the organization so it was more fun for me. Plus the lady passing out candy next to my car is a Registered Dietitian and having a baby next month, so she thinks we have a lot in common. :) We do, but some RD's can be weird, and she fits in that mold. But it was nice to have someone to complain, laugh, and talk to when the kids were on their third laps around the cars and had obviously dumped their bags out atleast once. :)

Here are pictures of Autumn, and her enjoyment. She is quite our social butterfly.

I didn't mean to cut of the top of her head. She was not into taking pictures before hand, so I just held the camera in mid air and snapped pictures when I thought appropriate. :)
Here she is, during the dinner she ran back and forth the whole time. Many parents commented to me about how she is going to keep me busy in years to come, did they not see that she already does?
Taking a quick break to eat some grapes before heading off.

Can you spot Autumn? They did about a 1/2 hour of dancing. Autumn really enjoyed the Macarena. She watched and moved along as best as she could.


Christy said...

I love the one of her running! She looks like a cheerleader about to do a cartwheel or something. She's been a cheerleader both of her Halloweens huh?

The Canciennes said...

Tag! Your it! Check out my blog!

The wifey said...

A photo tag.

You go to your "My pictures" Folder in "My documents" find the 4th folder and then the 4th picture. Post it to your blog and tell us a bit about it.

Then you can tag whom ever you would like to keep it going.

I love that you have a blog now. It's fun to keep in touch.

Rebel said...

OH MY GOODNES! She is adorable! We shoulda went!