Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Interesting Day

Today was quite interesting. Let's just say I don't go out with Autumn very much. And this is why. My sister and I took our kids to a "Lap-Sit" book reading at the library. Autumn lasted in my lap for all of a minute and half. When the lady held up colored circles to go over colors Autumn thought it was a game and that the lady should share the laminated circles with her, and took the Purple circle, which promptly encouraged another child her age to grab a pink circle. When the lady was singing Old McDonald with animal puppets Autumn got very excited and wanted to play with them. Autumn grabbed them from the floor as quickly as the lady could take them off her hand. We got lots of comments of how she is a busy body, I think she is plain nosey and can't keep her hands to herself. She quickly found the one closet door that was not locked which was an open invitation to go in and explore. Let's just say the one thing that kept her attention...Bubbles. She was overjoyed when the teacher used a bubble blower. There were many kids Autumns age who looked like they didn't care to be there, but still sat on their moms laps and played along, until Autumn got up and started moving around. People tend to follow her lead. I think it would be good for her if we went more often and she was more familiar with the format. I think she thought it was nursery.

After the attempted "lap-sit" we go get lunch. Most of the time it's a pleasant experience eating with Autumn, as long as there is something for her dip into Ketchup. But the way home! Terrible. I don't think she liked sharing a back seat with Parker. But she must learn to share! Especially with her cousin. She throws up a couple of times because of her tantrum throwing and then falls asleep in her mess right before we get to my place.

After the nap! A totally different story. She woke up happy! She plays in my lap and then I can smell the throw up on her skin (I stripped her clothes off before lying her in bed, once we were out of the car, which is why she has no shirt on in the pic above) and quickly give her a bath. Which was probably the highlight of her day.
Later today we go for a walk to the mailbox and her hands quickly became drawn to a cactus. She really cant keep her hands to herself. She doesn't do anything or cry about it so I assume she didn't get pricked. When we get back inside she keeps her right hand straight and uses her left hand for everything. She wouldn't even bend her fingers. Out of the blue she starts crying and I look at her hand and it's full of clear, hair-like prickles, all over her palm and fingers. I got them all out, thankfully. But I hope it teaches her to keep her hands to herself.
Anyways! There- my first blog. All about Autumn.


Jessica said...

Sounds like you have had a crazy day! I wonder what another kid will add to the mix :)

The Canciennes said...

Morgan is the same way. If she's in a stroller or basket she just sticks out her hands and grabs what ever touches it. It works best when we're looking at clothes! I hate taking kids out of the house at this age. And it's just going to get worse with another one. I have a even harder time controlling Morgan now that I have Jackson.

Christy said...

Do you journal? You should copy, paste, print, and put that post in your journal. What would we do if Autumn weren't Autumn?? I doubt I'd love her as much. She's awesome.

Kaycee said...

Yay! April has a blog! I can be a stalker!!

It sounds like quite an adventure just to be Autumn! I think she is much like me. I used to get punished in preschool (around age 2) because I wouldn't take a nap and wake all the other kids up. What did they resort to? Locking me in the bathroom! Well I was smart, so I unlocked it and got out anyway! What stopped my nap-waking ways? My mom said she would spank me if I got in trouble one more time at school. I did and she didn't want to, but my Mimi told her to follow through and I got spanked. It was more like a swat I'm sure, but apparently I didn't wake anyone up after that. I still wouldn't take a nap though....I would venture to say that I still turned out ok!

Momma_S said...

Isn't motherhood great? This is what you looked forward to all your life and it's why you stay home. No I'm not trying to depress you. Don't tell Drew but these grabbing, exploring, into everything traits may come from our side of the family. I don't know about the throw up though??All I can say is enjoy it one day she'll be a teenager. Good thing she's awfully cute.Congrats on #2. That's very exciting news!!~ Cheree