Saturday, January 3, 2009

Congrats are in Order and an Update.

I want to congrats the Checketts/Chapman family on their new addition. If you don't know the Chapman's they had their baby girl on New Years Eve. Which is very exciting because she was due just a few days before me. Those lucky ducks. Not only was she early, but she will also be a tax break. :) And the Pope's may have their baby girl in their arms on Mon. (unless they can get the baby to turn and avoid a c-section) and she is due two days after me. All of my friends are having their babies before me! Stubborn Weston. :)

I had a dr. appt. yesterday. I am now dialated to a 1 & 1/2 and still 50% effaced, but the dr. did say he could touch the baby's head. Very exciting. I wasn't sure he had dropped because I can feel him all over, but maybe he will be bigger than Autumn was. She was 21 in. and 6 lb. 14 oz. I also measured 37 weeks, but the dr. said that it's fine and he can come anytime. I have measured smaller most of the time anyways. My due date is in 8 days. Let's hope I don't make it to my next appt. this Fri. and this baby comes atleast a few days early!!
With all the celebrating of new life and babies, there is a bit of discouragement and fear of death for one of Drew's family members. His grandma fell down some stairs (we are thinking around 4 or 5 steps) and fractured her skull and face. She has been in the hospital for 2 weeks now. Her lungs keep filling with fluid and she is on a breathing machine, and there have been other issues. The decision has now been left up to Drew's grandpa as to whether they should take her off the ventilator or keep her on. It's a very difficult decision for him. They are in their mid 80's and have served several missions and in her failing health over the years he has had to serve her in so many ways and do almost everything for her. Sacrificing his sleep, his health, and his comfort to make sure she was happy and able to get around. In serving others we gain a different level of love for them. So as I am sure she has been a burden on him, I bet he would rather have that burden then be left alone in this life and be the one left to make the decision as to what could keep her alive or possibly end her life. We are lucky that we got to spend so much time with his grandparents at Thanksgiving. Before Thanksgiving we hadn't seen them since Autumn was just a few months old. Drew's grandma told stories about some of her mom's relatives that played a key role in church history, which many of us hadn't heard but found out was usually taught in Seminary. And I pretty much drilled and interviewed Drews grandpa because we don't get a lot of time with him and I wanted to get to know him better. So I feel truely blessed that we took advantage of that time with them.
On a lighter note! Here are some pictures of Autumn, sure to put a smile on anyones face.

These were taken my by Aunt Amee back in Nov. at my sisters wedding.


The Popes said...

it's amazing how life and death go hand in hand . . birth is such a miracle yet leaving our family behind and returning to our Heavenly Father is just as glorious and miraculous. i can't imagine what grandpa might be going through . .tough decisions when it comes to the one you love. they are in our prayers. and yes autumn in her cute red dress will lighten anybodys mood. what a doll. well weston just might beat us here .. we rescheduled for tuesday so i'll keep my fingers crossed that he makes his debut sometime soon!

Robin said...

I am sorry to hear about Drew's grandmother. I hope that you feel peace and comfort during this time. I am honored that you recognized the birth of our baby on your blog! Thanks. Hang in there, I am sure you are ready for this to be all over. I am crossing my fingers he will decide to come by the end of this week:) Autumn looks beautiful in that red dress. She is going to be a heart breaker. And yes, I love Dr. Tutt. I was so sad when the nurse told me that he was out of town and Dr. Mcneal was going to deliver me. Although, Dr. McNeal did do a great job. I was impressed with her. Dr. Tutt did come in the day we had our baby to see us. He had been at Disney Land with his family and drove in just a few hours after I delivered! I was impressed that he came in to see us though. They have a great bunch of doctors in that office. I will keep checking your posts to see when your little guy comes. Good luck, I hope all goes well.