Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Thoughts

My thoughts are similar to almost everyone who posted their opinion on my son sleeping with a doll (which only happened once, but I found it so comical). I really don't care that Weston loves all the same things his sister does. I think it's only natural because he sees her playing with it and doesn't think there is anything weird or funny about him choosing to play with her things too. He loves his sister, so he loves what she loves so that they can play together and have fun with one another.

Here's more proof, of my boy- enjoying what his sister enjoys:

Her new Minnie Mouse headband:
He was playing dress up with her, obviously he thought a tie should be worn under Snow Whites dress:
Her pretty princess tiara, he prefers this one over the Aurora tiara:
And her pink sunglasses, this is my fault, Autumn has 2 pairs, Weston what's a boy to do?
I don't encourage the bahavior, but I don't discourage it either. My husband, luckily, feels the same as I do. There will come a day (hopefully sometime before he starts school to avoid being picked on) that he will realize Princesses, Barbies, tiaras, dress up clothes, and pink sun glasses aren't his thing and they aren't fascinating anymore. He loves balls, cars, and playing in the dirt. So while he may enjoy his sisters things, he is all boy as well. We put the kids outside and Autumn grabs the bubble blower, her baby stroller, or sidewalk chalk and Weston looks for balls, the rocks and plays in the dirt. Thats when we see the differences in our girl and boy. 

I don't think my husband cares because he grew smack dab between 3 sisters, he grew up playing with them, doing their hair, and having "sleep overs" in their room, because he loved the time with his sisters. But his mom will be the first to tell you, when he wasn't with them, he was outside with his dad in the yard or under the stairs playing in the mud. So while he enjoyed things his sisters did, he also loved the boyish things and to this day Drew will give me pedicures, and help me if I missed a section of hair when curling it, but he does constantly talk to Weston about fishing and hunting... I hope Weston has that quality too.


Kristine said...

So cute! Mason takes my headbands off of me and tries to put them on himself. It's all part of the learning process, they mimic what they see :) I love that you're okay with it, b/c it is so adorable.

Heather said...

What a cutie! I love that little boy! My sister and I use to dress up our brothers and put barrets and bows in their hair. They played barbies with us and we played lincoln logs and GI Joe with them. It's all good. Just brothers and sisters enjoying being together. I love it! I miss those cute little kids.

Cindy Ardis said...

Weston makes a pretty princess!! I could just sqeeze him and kiss him. He's tooo cute!!

Jessica said...

would drew be embarrased that you said he would polish your toes and help you do your hair :)

April Hardy said...

Jessica- no, he will tell people, but it's not like it comes up in everyday conversations. It makes some guys smile and just say wow, and some ladies say that's so nice, wish my husband did that. I want Weston to be the same way, not too manly to disregard helping a woman out. :)