Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Happenings

I have failed to mention thus far that Autumn is now in Sunbeams at church. It has been quite the transition for her. One of my favorite moments with her during this transition was seeing her excitement during singing time when they sang, "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam." Watching her jump on "beam" was just classic. They need more "getting wiggles out" songs just for those Sunbeams.

This pic is from her first week as a Sunbeam. We really tried to get her excited and all hyped up about it, I think she was really disappointed when there weren't any toys and she had to sit in a chair. But her teachers are doing great and Autumn has warmed up to them and it's getting easier to leave her every week with her class.
Weston turned 2 in the middle of Jan. I can't believe he is 2, it's felt like he has been 2 forever. He is a big kid and has looked 2, acted 2, and talked like a 2 year old for so long so it's fun that he is "officially" 2 now. We celebrated a couple of days after his birthday w/just our little family. It was nice. I made a train cake out of Little Debbie and Keebler snacks. Then this past weekend since we were having a luncheon after Baileys baby blessing we celebrated Weston's birthday again with the extended family and had cupcakes and presents.

Here is the train cake I made

The cupcake tray for the 2nd celebration
Weston enjoying one-
I love crafts and making things. When I had Bailey my mother in law surprised me with a sewing machine and I had yet to even open the box, until my mom was in town last week and we made a curtain for this window by my front door. I love it. I am going to have to watch tutorial videos on how to work this thing because I lack serious confidence in myself with using it when no one is here to help me. :)

Here's the curtain-
And today I found time to make a Valentine banner. I only have about 5 V-day decorations and I have this empty space on the wall under where the tv is mounted/above the entertainment center- so I made a little something. I taped it up, since painting that wall I can't bring myself to put any holes in it. :)

Since Baileys been born most of my posts are about her...so before I post about her and her baby blessing I wanted to post about other stuff too. :)


Ashley said...

SEWING MACHINE!!!!!! I was sewing all day today, made bibs and all kinds of fun stuff. You need to come hang out!

Cindy Ardis said...

What a good mom you are! That's the cutest cake and banner. We did a good job on the curtain too!

Cindy Ardis said...
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Kristine said...

I have that same sweater in green. Autumn is one stylish lady.

I like to be crafty too, but dang it, I've been so busy lately. Luckily Mason's bday is coming up, which gives me an excuse to be crafty again.

By the way, a little tip. My MIL said that sticky tak is much better to use than tape on walls or wood.