Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Morning

Here's just some of my favorite pictures from Easter morning. It's more fun each year. Especially now that I have kids who "get it" and anticipate the Easter Bunny coming.

The Easter bunny left baskets for each kid and a personal letter. The 2 older kids each got candy, a movie, and a Little People set. Bailey just got toys and a few eggs.
 The Easter Bunny pulled a fast one, and hung up their stuffed animals and Easter outfits up high. Strangely enough Weston noticed them way before he ever saw the baskets.
Weston was thrilled with his movie.
 Autumn is a Little People fanatic.
 This is what Bailey did. She played with her Elmo eggs while the other kids went through their stuff
 Autumn and Weston in their Easter garb.
Miss Bailey. So smiley.
 All 3 of our kids.
We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


Cindy Ardis said...

Soooooo cute and what fun! Good job Easter Bunny! I love how happy they all are. Bailey is really cute and getting bigger. Her and Autumn look cute in their matching dresses, and Weston well he's just so dang handsome!

The Bunzells said...

Love the cute outfits!