Sunday, November 27, 2011

Disneyland- Day 2 (part 2)

I am terrible about blogging, so it's been hard to make time to do 3 posts so close together. So- after we met Goofy, we headed back to Disneyland. Drew really wanted an ice cream cone and I wanted to ride the Winnie the Pooh ride with the kids. Bailey- such a trooper.
 Bailey really enjoyed the ice cream cone.
 Weston on the Winnie the Pooh ride, I realized that on almost all the rides, I sat with Weston. :)
We were so lucky. When we got off the ride, 3 of the characters from the movies were right by the ride. We quickly got in line, just in time, because they cut the line off about 5 people after us. My kids were so excited.
Here they are with Tigger. 
 Winnie the Pooh. Sorry for the quality- I think the flashes of my camera, the photographer, and Drews phone all clashed when we took the pics.
 After that we had to hustle, to get back into California Adventure to eat at Ariel's Grotto. We had reservations and my father in law was there waiting for us. It was nice to just sit, eat, and relax.

After dinner we did some shopping, notice Baileys sweater changed? There was a disaster involving an explosive diaper, the highchair, my sweatshirt, and all her clothes. It was really cold at night and we had to wrap her in my sweatshirt and go to a shop to find something for her to wear. Good thing Disneylands clothes prices are reasonable...not. We got everything in 2T so she could wear it for a very long time. We got the kids toys to help pass the time while we waited for the World of Color Show to start. Weston got a light up bubble gun, which was pure genious, until the bubbles ran out. And they don't sell refills. :) (but we still use it in the yard at home)
So we pulled out the light up spinners we got the night before for the parade.

Autumn and Drew. She has a serious problem with closing her eyes for pictures, so I asked her to keep her eyes open, and this is the face she makes. She's obviously so focused on keeping her eyes open she doesn't think about the smile. :) 
On Drew's side of the family the boys are seriously outnumbered by girls. Weston has another boy cousin who's 4 years older, and another boy cousin who is 1 years old. These boys just adore their grandma. She holds such a special/tender spot in all their hearts. It's easy to see who they favor. 
And Bailey- well, it's special when Grandpa holds you and plays with you.
The light show was beautiful and held the kids attention, it was quite lengthy. As soon as we put them in the stroller and started exiting the park the kids were out. It totally made leaving easier.  

We had such a good time and feel so extremely blessed to have been able to go. There's no way we could've ever gone with out grandparents, they were such a huge help. And we know now that we won't ever go without them. The kids are still talking about Disneyland, I hear it come up in conversation atleast 5 times a day. This place is truely magical and so special to kids. The kids are at such a fun age to do stuff like this with. I never got to go as a kid, I have been a few times as an adult, but going with kids, and seeing things through their's priceless.

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Rebel said...

That's a perfect ending April! Happily Ever After! Love you guys!