Sunday, June 17, 2012

Autumns Graduation

Yes! I am so behind. It's ridiculous. I hate to jump to a Memorial Day post or Reunion post and skip everything in between- I do it all the time.

Autumn graduated from Preschool on May 16 (her birthday). I was incredibly emotional the whole time. It was the second time I had sat through a preschool graduation for her. But this was the final one for her, and I hated to see her leave this amazing program. I have loved this preschool, her teachers, the aides, the therapists, everything. I am sad to not have a kid attending there anymore.

Before leaving we dressed her in the shirt they asked us to have them wear.
 My mom holding Autumn and Westons hands as we walked in.
 Singing with her class. They sang 3 different songs.
 Jammin' to the ABC rock.
 They had just finished singing a song titled 'Adios mi amigos' and they sung it in English and Spanish and did sign the language to it. It totally made me more emotional. I kept hoping no one would look at me because then the tears would just flow!
 Autumn walked across the stage to get her diploma and goody bag.
 In the hallway checking out her stuff.
 Afterwards we went to Yogurt Jungle to celebrate. All of those pictures are on my phone. When we got home we took one more picture to capture the excitement of that night. I am so proud of Autumn and all that she accomplished in the last two years of preschool.
I can't believe in the Fall she'll be a Kindergartener. It's amazing to me and I am so excited for this new adventure for her.

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Cindy Ardis said...

I got emotional too, especially seeing you tear up! It was awesome to see how much that meant to you! It was a great program for her! She will be so ready kindergarten! The fun is only just beginning!