Sunday, August 19, 2012

Autumns 1st Talk 8/19/12

Today at church Autumn gave her first primary talk. She was so anxious and excited for her talk. She was most excited to use the microphone. During Sacrament Meeting she kept asking after every little thing if it was her turn to give her talk. She asked after the opening prayer, after the sacrament, after the first speaker, etc... She was definitely prepared and willing to speak in front of everyone. Drew said she spoke clear and loud enough for everyone to hear. A few of my friends complimented her talk and how well they understood her. She was very proud of herself!!

Her topic was "I should do things on the Sabbath that will help me stay close to Heavenly Father." When I sat down to write her talk I asked her what things we did on Sunday, and what we didn't do. Hoping she has recognized that Sundays are special. She had some great comments and so I put them in her talk.

"There are many things I can do on the Sabbath to help me stay close to Heavenly Father.

Our family likes to sings songs out of the Children's Songbook. I like to look at pictures that go along with the songs.

Our family also likes to read stories and look at pictures from books with scriptures stories in them.

My dad works on Monday night so we do Family Home Evening on Sunday night. We sing songs, read church stories, discuss scriptures, and pray.

To help me stay close to Heavenly Father on the Sabbath I do not go outside and play, or go to any stores. I spend the Sabbath Day at church and doing quiet reverent things with my family."

I held up the visual aids which were the children's songbook, old testament stories book, and a picture of a family during F.H.E. I am very proud of her. She did great and I now know she doesn't have a fear of speaking in front of large crowds. :)


Christy said...

Crazy that their first primary talks were on the same day on the same topic. We need to record that somewhere!

Cindy Ardis said...

Wow, good job! That's awesome, glad it was a good experience for Autumn.

Rebel said...

Yea Autumn! I got teary eyed reading this post. I am glad she is doing so well and is confident in herself!