Monday, September 17, 2012

Craft Nights

I'm trying to catch up. Over the summer I held 3 different craft day/nights. It was so much fun. I couldn't believe the excitement and the turn outs I had at each of them. 2 of those craft days were up in ShowLow with Drews sister and her friends. Unfortunately the first one was cancelled because of sick kiddos, so she and I made a couple of the flag block sets and her friends picked up their kits and did them at home. The second craft day a few weeks later was awesome. I love doing crafts and I love sharing what talents I have. I don't take pride in many things, but one thing I do pride myself in seeing or hearing an idea and being able to recreate it. Pinterest has really helped with that too!!

I did my craft night on June 10th at my home and had an amazing turn out. 17 people signed up for various crafts and most people I knew, a lot I didn't and it was wonderful!! 15 actually showed up at my house that night and the other 2 picked up kits for later. We had so much fun. I wanted to take pictures but I was so busy helping people with their crafts and socializing. I seriously love get togethers and hosting this kind of stuff!

So I do have pictures of the crafts I sold.

This was a small 3x5 July 4th block.
 Land That I Love Block Set, this was a favorite!
 Pledge of Allegiance Block
 God Bless America Flag Blocks
This was my biggest seller. I absolutely love this wreath! American Flag wreath

I also sold these online to my local community through a FB page. They were all incredibly popular. I was loved keeping busy and having something to do!

I've got my next craft night planned for the first week of Oct. I didn't want to do the craft nights to close together for fear people would get tired of them, and the stress of them for me. But people are asking about our next one and wanting another one so I'm excited!!! We've got one planned at my home and at my sister in laws again as well.


Rebel said...

I LOVE that wreath! I want one of THOSE!

Rebel said...

5rsedcamI LOVE that wreath! I want one of THOSE!

Cindy Ardis said...

That's awesome! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! You are very talented.