Monday, January 7, 2013

A"Weston" moment

One of my resolutions was to start reading the scriptures with the kids. I do it with out Drew, it's usually after dinner and they're pretty mellow. The t.v. Is off and we all sit on the couch.

Tonight I was reading and I was sure none of them were listening, I read "and he spake unto me" and Weston said, "he got spanked?" I had to look at what I just read and realized he misheard "spake"- I told him no, the word meant to speak or spoken. I was so glad I only had 3 versus' left because I was holding back laughter. When I finished he said, "why would he get spanked?" What a teaching moment! Out of all of Lehi's sons, I'm pretty sure that's the last thing Nephi had to worry about. :)

But at least he was still listening after 35 versus'.

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Rebel said...

That is AWESOME! Go Weston for listening for so long! GO YOU for chugging on the scripture reading train! So proud of you. I don't even read for myself much :( You're such a good example to me!