Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mommy Lessons

There are many new things I learned today.

1- Crayons are to be put away and only pulled out when Autumn is being supervised.
2- Don't cry over a $10 bag.
3- Correct my thinking whenever the thought comes to my mind that, "Autumn always ruins things when I try and do something nice for her." (and sadly, I have said this aloud many times too)
4- Toothpaste doesn't only get crayons off of walls, it also gets it out of fabric.
5- Dawn liquid dish detergent truely is the greatest at getting out grease.
6- Kids will be kids and I can't expect things to stay nice while mine are still young.

With that said, this is what happened.

I have constantly switched out "Sunday Bags" trying to find one that fits all my stuff in it and makes things easy to access. For me, the point in a "Sunday Bag" is to save me time before church. So instead of scrambling to put books, toys, snacks, stickers, and coloring books together in a bag ten minutes before we need to walk out the door I have a designated bag that always keep the same stuff in it. So on Sun. morning all I have to do is put snacks in it, and the kids like what's in the bag because it's not stuff they see everyday, they only get to play with it once a week. So I bought a new one, I usually wouldn't spend $10 a bag thats just going to get crumbs in the bottom of it and sit on the church floor but when I saw it I knew how much Autumn would love it, and I loved the simpleness to it. Many other bags I have rotated through had big lettering or bright colors. Once I saw this bag I realized how distracting those other bags can be. So I got it in the mail yesterday and after Autumns nap I showed it to her and she loved it and threw the straps over her shoulders and carried it around. When she went to bed last night I set it next to our other sunday bag to switch everything over. (This bag is similar in texture and size to a reusable grocery bag, which I am sure is what others would use it for. This bag is made with organic cotton and recycled stuff which helped convince my purchase.)

This morning I am playing with Weston in the den (because since getting back from vacation he wants to be in my lap at all time...he really missed me) and I left Autumn in the living room watching PBS cartoons. She is usually safe to leave alone in a room and I thought how nice it was that she was being so quiet and not demanding my attention like Weston was. That should have been a BIG red flag. I come out to the kitchen and she is saying over and over again, "Thank you mom. Thank you mom." And I see the bag and a lonely blue crayon sitting on it. Surprisingly I didn't get mad at her. I instantly took a pic on my phone and sent it in a text to a couple of trusted, experienced mommy friends asking how to get crayon out of cloth. It wasn't until I called my mom asking for her suggestions that I cried about it. It was brand new! It hadn't even been in my possession for 24 hours and said, "Whenever I do something nice for Autumn she ruins it."

All of the advice was good, but I decided to follow my moms advice and some advice off an email my friend sent me. I figured using 2 known solutions could be better than one. And viola! It worked and my bag looks brand new again.

Here is the bag:

Here is Autumn's wonderful artwork:

Here is toothpaste that was rubbed in (paste not gel- and white paste) and sat for 20 minutes. Then dish detergent was rubbed in w/a hot wet sponge and sat for 10 minutes:
Here it is after rinsing out the toothpaste and detergent:
You may still see a little blue tint, this pic was taken after the first rinse when I was shocked how it all came out. I scrubbed it under hot water for another minute and now it looks like it did when I got it yesterday.


Cindy Ardis said...

I know how frustrating it is. Sorry. But you have to admit she did a pretty good job coloring the tinkerbell. I am so glad it came out.

Kim-may said...

i will have to remember your tricks. you are a good mom, you can tell.
p.s. it was nice to see you and drew- too bad its always a short time period when we all see each other

alisa said...

Wow...april...this post was amazing! I learned so many things I never knew....like toothpaste! Where were you 11 years ago when my oldest was born??? Thanks for the tips! THe bag is adorable! And I have to agree with your mom....Autumn did a great job coloring!

Jamie said...

Sounds like you had quite the day... so sorry! I, too, learned something new. Thanks for sharing the toothpaste tip... amazing! I'll have to try and remember that.

Christy said...

She did do a good job. I would've left it, it gives it some flavor.

Luke and Marissa said...

I don't know, I kind of liked it better with the blue crayon! :) Teasing. I'm amazed at what toothpaste and dawn can do! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure sometime in the future this will come in handy.

Heather said...

Sounds like me life at times. I swear Autumn & Savanah are alot a like. Savanah keeps me on my toes, like Autumn does you. And unfortunately I have said the same thing about Savanah ruining the nice things I try to do for her. Wow! Life sure is fun sometimes. Kids sure do teach us alot & help us to learn to be a better person. Atleast mine do. Where did you go for vacation? I hadn't heard.

April Hardy said...

Heather- Drew and I went to Utah for a few days. He had a cousin getting married and we left the kids with Christy. It was a nice, quick get away. Hopefully we get another vacation soon!

Mark said...
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Mark said...

Well hopefully by now this makes you laugh about it. Funny thing is doesn't it look like a coloring book page with that black outline? Next time make sure she has the right color next time though. Hopefully at least you'll enjoy the minty fresh smell on fast sundays! :) - That's it folks all be here all night.

Tanya said...

April, sorry to say, I liked it better with the blue. And how cute was that, that she thought that that's what it was used for! I know it is hard when it is your own kids to see the value in a scribble, but I think I may have left it. She was proud of her work and so thankful to you to get her something that has her own flair on it! Cute story! By the way it was nice to see you guys! :)

Habs said...

I always hear remedies like this and never believe them but I guess seeing is believing! This is awesome. Thanks so much for coming to the wedding. I hope you and Drew had a nice little honeymoon of your own with out the kiddos!