Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Messy Dinner Makes For Great Pictures

I am not one for messes, but being pregnant has lead me to having many days where I don't feel like eating, and so sometimes a messy dinner, is the easiest and quickest dinner to throw together for everyone else. Like spaghetti. So I have learned to avoid stained clothes, they eat w/no shirts on, and to plan these messy dinners on bath nights to ensure that I get them completely clean. Because somehow Weston just knows how to get it everywhere. My kids love pasta, and for whatever reason, once they're done their messy faces make for the cutest pictures. 
Since I knew we would be going outside to play right after eating, I figured since they would play in the water, it would make for less cleaning on my part. Wrong.
Plus-they were already messy, and dirty I figured Hawaiian Punch freezer pops would be sticky perfection!

Autumn enjoying hers:
Weston has more sensitive teeth, and eats his more carefully.
By round two (which they both asked for more) Weston was done, his mouth was too cold.


Kim-may said...

so cute. where does autumn get the dark eyes and hair from? do you have brown eyes? your kids are so cute and i bet your next will fit right in!

April Hardy said...

Kim- Autumn has blue eyes, she gets them from Drew. I have green eyes. The dark hair, we can only assume comes from Drews mom or my dad, both have dark hair. :)

Rebel said...

Look at Weston with his tiny red beard! How stinkin' cute!

Cindy Ardis said...

Good for you! The messier the better!! Sometimes!! Cute pictures and cute kids.