Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Backyard Friend

Every night after dinner we strip the kids down and let them go play in the backyard in the sprinklers. It's an easy and great way to get energy out before bed while the yard is mostly shaded and the temps are somewhat bearable. Drew is in the process of landscaping our backyard, and 2 weeks ago he rototilled the yard, put in a sprinkler system, and laid grass.  His next project for it is laying pavers to extend our patio and putting in rock, trees and in the fall planting a garden. The kids have loved having grass as much as we have. It's been so fun to go out everynight and let the kids play in the water. Mainly it's Autumn playing in the water, and once the cycle runs Weston enjoys running in the wet grass and kicking balls.

Well one night Drew was putting together his lawn mower and found a baby lizard. Autumn & Weston were completely fascinated by it. Autumn loved holding it, and Weston- well his big man hands wanted to just squish it, so he never held it for long. Autumn still talks about the lizard and looks for it every night we go out there. Drew has seen him, but those things are fast, so he hasn't been successful in catching him again.

Autumn did really well with it:
Here it is in Autumns hand:
Weston wanted a turn, but Drew had to quickly rescue the lizard from Westons hands wanting to squeeze it:
Just so you get an idea of how tiny he is, this is it on Drews index finger:
We are keeping an eye out for our backyard friend. Autumn just can't stop talking about the lizard, and even found a box and has set it aside for when we catch him again.

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Rebel said...

That's so cool! I remember catching lizards in g-pa's backyard when we lived there for a short time! You should buy her a gecko! They're totally easy to take care of!