Monday, October 18, 2010

I Love Crafts

I have been trying to keep myself busy doing things I enjoy, I realize with baby #3 on the way that my time won't be as "free" as it is now once he/she is here. Plus with the birthdays and holidays here, it's really easy to get creative and come up with things to decorate my home with.
First, Autumn had a birthday party to go to and I had loads of ideas from family on what to get her (I wasn't sure what 5 year old were into) so after getting a couple of things for her I wanted to make her something personal, plus I have a Cricut and love to use it. So I found a small candy jar that's been sitting in my closet since we moved here 10 months ago, made a cute new lid and filled it with her favorite candy.

I loved the way it turned out. I think her mom was happy to see something different and "special" in the gift bag.
I have crib bedding that I was planning to sell at a future garage sale because I didn't want to use the bedding again but then I thought maybe if I added some cute decor to the wall next to the crib it would help spice it up. I love what we came up with.

My mom came into town with a bunch of Cricut cartridges for me to make things with for scrapbooks, but then she had the perfect Winnie the Pooh set that I knew I could use for wall decor:
I bought some small wooden plaques, painted them, put on some characters and mod podged it. They are adorable. We attached ribbon to the tops of  each these to make hanging easier.
This rectangle plaque is bigger, about 8x11 in size and once we have a name picked out I will put it above the sleeping Pooh bear.
We have this fun little toy that the kids and everyother kid that comes over loves to play with. But my kids picked some of the pictures off of it and I had been wanting to fix it forever, but wasn't sure of a way to reapply something without having them pick it off again. So I bought the mod podge for the baby decorations and realized I had my solution now.

This was the before pic, after I had already started...
 One side I did numbers-
 The other side was alphabet letters-
When I started putting out all my Fall/Halloween decor I realized I had way more Fall decorations than Halloween specific decorations. So I was happy when a friend called and invited me and the kids over to make wooden Halloween spiders. She has older kids who were able to make the whole thing, I just let my kids paint them. But they turned out adorable.
 I hung them on a wall near the front door that lacked any home decor and I liked them but thought that wall needed a little something else too.
So I made a Halloween Banner to go with them.
 And hung it up on the wall w/them. The wall is complete now!
Then, I was just browsing a food blog- Our Best Bites (thanks Jamie!) and they had posted loads of Halloween ideas for food, snacks, and treats and then an adorable craft- that after seeing it I knew I had to make. An hour later I was done and texting my sisters and mom about it incase they wanted to make some too.

Simple, it's just Mason Jars, tissue paper, mod podge, and black paper-
Then I added some ribon to the top, and put tea lights in them. They are so fun, and best of all- I didn't spend a penny on them, it's all stuff I had lying around the house.
Drews sister is expecting her second child a couple of weeks after our baby is due so in preparing for her baby shower this weekend I made her a little something for her son (to go with the other stuff I have as well). I am very happy with the way it turned out. Luckily my sister had a Cricut cartridge with some boyish decals. Mine are all so girly.
If you can't tell, I love making crafts, and I love how little it costs me. Like the sign for my future nephew cost me a dollar and some change for the wooden plaque, and I already had the paper, ribbon, and paint, or the candy jar for Autumn's friend, it was all stuff I had at home. I can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas and see what all I can make!


Heather said...

I love all the stuff you made. So cute & very clever. The stuff for the babies room is adorable and I love the halloween jars. You are so talented and crafty like your mom!

Kristine said...

Awesome stuff! I need to get me one of the cricuts. I've been in a really crafty/domestic mood lately.

Jamie said...

Way to go crafty-pants. :) I remmeber your mom always being so creative and crafty. She was one of my most favorite Primary teachers! I LOVE the Halloween mason jars... I wanted to make them last year and never did. Guess I still have a few weeks left to make them for this year. You've inspired me. :)