Friday, October 22, 2010

MAC Farm

I love Autumn's preschool, it has been such a big blessing for us (and her!) Last week was her schools Fall Break and it was REALLY hard on her. She asked to go to school everyday and I had to find creative ways to keep her busy and happy. 

Yesterday her preschool took their first field trip of the year. It was so nice to see all the preschool students who attend this particular school. There were 4 classes all together, since there are 2 preschool teachers and they each have an a.m. class and a p.m. class. (Autumn's in a p.m. class, she goes from 12:15-2:45 three days a week.)

It wasn't until we got to the farm that I realized I didn't have my camera with me, and used my cell phone. So excuse the quality but I wanted to get pictures of Autumns first field trip with her class. I took Weston and my nephew with me and we had a great time. This isn't a traditional "farm". It's the Maricopa Agriculture Center. So it was all agriculture w/no animals. The kids were a little confused but the people who worked at this facility made it fun for the kids and really interesting. The unit that the kids had been discussing in school was on farms, so it was all related to what they have been learning about in class.

They first had us gather outside where the directors of the farm explained what we'd be doing while we were there, and explained that these bales the kids were sitting on were the farms furniture and how to treat their "furniture".
 They split us up into 3 groups, and Autumns class/group first went to an area where they learned about plants, how they grow, and what's all entailed in caring for crops. The kids each got to make their own "garden", which went back to the school and will be in their classroom until the seeds sprout and then the kids get to bring them home. They first had them put the soil in, then about 20 seeds, more soil, and then they watered their "garden" and set them near a window for sunlight.
 The second class they went to this director talked to the kids about fruits and vegetables, and incorporating them into our meals. She really made the healthy food fun for kids. At the end she offered a "healthy snack" which was a Ritz cracker w/cream cheese and broccoli on top, and it was interesting to see which kids tried it, loved it, and which wouldn't even touch it because of the green on top. Autumn loved it.
 After the second class the kids got to go eat lunch. It was fun packing a lunch, but once I was there I realized I am a total amature at packing lunches and forgot a very basic item- napkins. I had 3 kids to feed and made sure I had enough food for them, but didn't think about the clean up afterwards.
 Autumn ate really well, no surprise there.
 Weston really loved sitting out with the big kids and feeling like apart of the class.
 The kids had a sandwich, strawberries and grapes, yogurt, fruit snacks, and a Capri Sun. A treat for each of them, especially eating picnic style! This is a picture of most of our group, minus the tables that were behind me.  
After lunch they got to play, and this was probably one of the favorite areas. All 3 kids got a turn playing on a tractor.
 The kids got to pump water, old school style. These were surprisingly easy for little hands to use and get to work. 
 This was a bigger water pump, with a huge trough, which mostly the boys were interested in. Weston loved splashing in the water as it came out the pump while his cousin did all the work.
 After lunch and playtime our group went and watched a movie (and ate popcorn) about tractors and farming. For it not being animated I was impressed how well all the kids sat and watched it, even the 2 littlest kids there:

The final class the kids got to make bracelets. There were 7 different colored beads, each representing something about plants and gardening.
 Autumn showing hers off, I only remember most of the the things the colors represented. White- the seed, Blue- air, Green- the growing plant, Red- love for the crops, Yellow- sunshine, Brown- the soil -and your guess is as good as mine for the clear. 
 The final activity of the day was taking a tractor ride on a tour of the farm. The kids saw all kinds of machines, crops, tire piles, and everything an agricultural farm would have. This is most of our group:
 My nephew really enjoyed it. Farms are great for both boys and girls, but the 2 boys w/me seemed to really get into it, especially when men were out driving the tractors.
Weston really enjoyed himself too. I didn't get any pics of Autumn, she was sitting with one of her teachers, so that I could keep a better eye on these 2.
 The other class on their tractor ride.
 A few of the things we saw:
I didn't take any pictures of the cotton field, the corn field, the grass fields, with Weston on my lap and my nephew next to me who kept grabbing the guy next to him for support I didn't get to take as many pics as I would've liked. My hands were busy. But I am really glad I went, and that I took the boys with me. I debated about not going for a long time, but decided we would go- and all 3 kids, and myself, really had a good time.


Heather said...

How fun! I love going on field trips with the kids. It is so fun & I love watching them get excited about what they are seeing/learning. What cute kids! I can't believe how big Weston is, he is a toddler now and just so dang cute. I sure miss you guys. Thanks for being good about posting pictures of your kids so I can see them.

Rebel said...

Man I miss you guys so so much! They are all so darling!

Cindy Ardis said...

The pictures came out really good, I am so glad i got see Autumn on her first field trip. What a fun place, I am so glad you went too and had a great time. Heather does have alot of fun going with her kids on field trips.