Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Autumns Award

A note got sent home last week in Autumns backpack saying that she would be getting an award at the schools 2nd Quarter Award Assembly. I wasn't planning on going figuring every student would be recognized for something, and it was during Weston's nap time and Bailey is only 5 weeks old. But when I dropped Autumn off on Thurs. her teacher grabbed me and asked if I was coming to the assembly and I played dumb like I forgot about it and she said I should really come because Autumn was one of only a few kids being recognized in her class. So I realized Autumn must have accomplished something worth being recognized, so I better be there. I am SO glad I went. It was so fun for me and Weston to wave at Autumn while she sat with her class and then to see her accept her award and stand with her other classmates- which the other 4 kids got recognized for Perfect Attendance. What was Autumns award?
MOST IMPROVED! I am so proud of her. Teachers are allowed to give out one Most Improved award per quarter per class and her teacher told me after the assembly that there was no question between her and her aids who the award should go to. I am so proud of her. I just recently had a parent teacher conference with her teacher and she has passed all her goals that were set for her at the beginning of the year, except in areas of speech. But she has made leaps and bounds in her speech. Here are some pics from the assembly.

Autumn coming up to accept her award-
 Autumn taking her award and going to stand by her friend Emma, who is also in her class at church-
 I love how all the girls are in pink-
That's the principal to the teachers left-
Her teacher presenting all the kids to all those at the assembly-
What I loved was Autumns class was mingled with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, and so everytime a preschooler got up to accept their award all the other "older" kids would say, "aw!" They seemed so small compared to those 5th graders! I am so proud of Autumn and her accomplishment.


Jana Adams said...

Good Job Autumn!! Thats awesome!!

Christy said...

This got me all misty eyed! She's so sweet... I wish her language would catch up to her personality. I'm proud of her too! And I'm just the aunt.

alisa said...

Way to go Autumn! That is great news!! Proud moment for mama!

Rebel said...

April, I am so jealous and proud all at the same time :)