Monday, March 14, 2011

"Come What May and Love It"

I remember growing up picturing my future family and the kids I would have. I invisioned really easy kids, who were quiet, and sat and looked at books or played quietly in their rooms. I had no idea what I was in for. There are days my life feels completely chaotic, with 3 very young kids, and there are times here and there I have found it hard to enjoy. I have a quote framed in my living room that says, "Come what may and love it." I have looked at it often lately in moments when I am not "loving" what's going on around me and it helps me keep an eternal perspective.

I recieved a new calling at church yesterday, and as I was being set apart by our 2nd counselor in the bishopric, in the blessing he promised that as I fulfilled this calling, which may make my life busier, that my home would be filled with more happiness than I could imagine. I couldn't help but tear up. I think our home is a happy place- most of the time, but to be told that there would be unimagineable happiness was completely comforting.

So I am working on it- I am working on the "Come what may and love it." Because for me, it's taking the moments that aren't easy, the times that are exhausting, and the days that I feel I am just in "survival" mode and learning to love it. Because that could create the extra happiness that could benefit anyone.


Jana Adams said...

I love this post! Its nice to hear that I am not the only one that feels like this somedays! Your awesome!

Jamie said...

LOve this post. Everything you said is so true and I think something all moms feel. Love that quote, too! WHat's your new calling?

Kim-may said...

april- you can tell that you are a great mom. I am relieved when I hear these thoughts from moms that i think are awesome. It makes me feel like I'm...normal. So thank you and I bet you don't give yourself enough credit.

Jessica said...

Holy cow - are you living in my house? Because I am seriously not loving what has come. it is so frustrating. And I am having such a terrible day that I am bound and determined for it to continue to be terrible...pathetic huh. :( Thanks for the insight though. I hope it will help my day and my future days - You are awesome! :)