Saturday, June 11, 2011

Autumn Reads

I knew with summer coming I would need something to keep Autumn busy. That girl has a knack for learning and just eats it up. With preschool being out and looking at all she accomplished last year in preschool I knew the only thing left was teaching Autumn to read. I was hesitant at first, she is barely 4. But she needed something new and different.
I taught her her letters at 18 months old, and she could recognize all her letters, a few colors, a few shapes, recognized numbers up to 10, and count to 20 by age 2. By 2 1/2 she knew all the letter sounds. I loved being the one responsible for teaching her. I took such pride when we would be at friends or a family members house and she would start spouting off letters she saw on a blanket, shirt, wall, etc... and she wasn't even 3 yet. It made me light up.

 It's no secret Autumn is difficult, but she is on her best behavior when her and I sit one on one and do something educational. There's no denying how smart this girl is and I for one do not want to hold her back. I have had a book that teaches how to read for over a year and have gone over it so that I had it perfect when the opportunity presented itself to teach Autumn. Summer is here, and this was my moment. We are only into day 11 of the lessons, and she can read the simple 2 and 3 letter words in the lesson. I don't know what to expect when the lessons get harder and instead of just e and a sounds there is ea, ou sounds how she will do. But so far this has been right on her level.

I took a video because during the lesson she just shocked me, occasionally I have to redirect her attention to where I am pointing and have her say it slow and sound out the words. But she was doing it perfectly. I then tell her I am going to video and you can see minor distractions but she kept wanting to see the screen and the video itself. I am so proud of her.

I want Autumn to keep up this love for learning and be excited about it. So far that's all I have ever seen from her when it comes to learning and I want to help keep that up.


Christy said...

That's great April! Parents that taught their kids to read always brag about it... Feels good to teach your kids such a vital lifeskill. Autumns busy but just the right amount of busy where she thrives and is motivated to learn. Try teaching Parker something and he's like "no not right now" I'd rather just sit.

Cindy Ardis said...

Holycow that's awesome! Good for you and so exciting for Autumn!

Jana Adams said...

That is awesome!! Go Autumn! I need a book like that for Brinlee, what is it called?

Kristine said...

I'm so proud of you. I hate reading, I always make Ryan read to Mason. When I do it I speed read. Sad, I know. I guess I just don't like sitting still for too long. I'd rather be outdoors with him or playing pretend. I guess it's a good thing that my MIL is a librarian for kindergardeners and 1st graders. Maybe she can teach the poor kiddo to read.

Good job. Keep up the good work.

alisa said...

That is amazing! She is so cute and soooo smart! Way to go mama!