Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guest Post

Hi. I am Bailey. I'm 7 months old and currently busier than ever. I started crawling a month ago, and while we were on vacation visiting my grandparents in TX I really got the hang of it and was cruising everywhere. But crawling wasn't enough for me. I have an older sister who is an overachiever and my mom talks to other people about how smart she is and how early she did stuff so I feel this need to keep up with her. So as soon I could crawl, I started pulling myself up. No, not to my knees- that wouldn't be impressive. I took it a step further. I find anything and everything I can and I pull myself up onto my feet. I have had a few tumbles and fell a couple of times, but practice makes perfect. And mom always comes quickly to my aid if I am in distress. It drives my mom nuts that I didn't just enjoy crawling for very long, she wishes I would've crawled for awhile and then later figured out how to stand and pull myself up. But where is the fun in that?

Using the coffee table:
 Using the couch:
 I want to be wherever my brother and sister are. So I climb up and stand with them.
Using my sisters table:
 On my sisters bed:
 On my brothers bed:
Using my moms leg:

If there's a way for me to pull myself up I will do it. My moms favorite thing- I babble a lot as well, and instead of saying, "babababa" like I did for several months now I say "mamamama" because I can tell it just melts my moms heart. :)


Heather said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutie! I can't believe she is pulling up and standing. WOW! Don't you just love it when they want to grow up too fast! I love that little smiley girl! Tell the kids Aunt Heather says Hi and she loves them!

Christy said...

Bailey is such a cute name! And I think she's starting too look less like you. Especially that first picture... looks like a Hardy. :( Not that she's not cute but we need some Ardis genes!