Sunday, July 3, 2011

Family Pictures

A few weeks ago a friend of mine took our family pictures. Ok, so they're just pics of the kids- but that's what people want to see anyways. :) My friend is starting up a photography business and needed some practice and the last time I had hired anyone to do family pics was when Autumn turned 2 and Weston was 6 months old. Well now Bailey is 6 months old, Weston's 2 and Autumn is 4. It was about time to have a go at it again.
These are just a few of my favorites:

Some things I love about them, is how smiley Bailey is, and how easy it was for them to get good pics of her. (another one of her from the shoot is in the previous post as well) It was over 100 degrees that day and we went and did pictures at 5:30 and at a really fun park. The kids were hot, not very cooperative, and just wanted to play. Stop and take pics? What? Hence the one with all 3 of them, the reason Baileys smiling and the other kids aren't, she doesn't realize how fun a park can be.

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Rebel said...

I adore your kiddos! They are all so cute! And don't get me STARTED on BAILEY! I am so EXCITED I get to see y'all tomorrow! WOOHOO!