Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Proud Mom

I have been meeting with Autumn's preschool teacher a lot these last few months as we prepare for her to enter Kindergarten. Today was the best meeting we have had in the last 2 years.

Her speech therapist did a 1 hour screening test with her yesterday to see where she is at and what info to pass onto Autumn's future elementary school. She was amazed and so pleased with how far Autumn has come. 2 years ago Autumn was testing in the 1% range for her speech in most areas, which is way below average. Now she is up to 24% in some areas putting her at average ranges. What she still struggles with is expressive communication and language structure. And those scores are just a little lower than the speech therapist would've liked, just slightly below the average range.  Autumn will still qualify for speech services next year. But! She has made amazing progress and Mrs. Heather will hand deliver Autumns I.E.P. to her elementary school and explain/justify why she thinks Autumn still needs the services when the testing shows she doesn't. I was so proud and happy for Autumn. Mrs. Heather (the speech therapist) is certain that Autumn won't need speech for very much longer. And is sure that she will be dropped from I.E.P.'s before the end of her Kindergarten year.

If it weren't for the speech she'd have been dropped from the special ed services all together. The 2 area's that originally qualified Autumn for the program, which were Adaptive Behavior and Cognition, she is no longer qualifying for. And her scores on the speech tests show she is average, but her therapist knowing how far she has comes still wants her to recieve some therapy next year. It's made me grateful to have a daughter who has obviously worked hard, been patient with herself and her therapists, no longer needs services for 2 delays and is so close to be finished with speech therapy. I know she's smart, talented, and beautiful- and I have seen her grow in so many ways from attending this preschool program. I have watched her confidence grow, and communication skills become stronger.

At the meeting all the teachers kept complimenting Autumn and I couldn't help but thank them because with out them, she wouldn't have come as far as she has. I am so proud of her.


Cindy Ardis said...

I am so proud of her too! I am so glad at how well she is doing. I can tell too how wonderful she is doing. I am proud of you too for recognizing her need for help! I know you have worked hard too!

The Bunzells said...

That is WONDERFUL! Good job Autumn! :)

Rebel said...

Yea Autumn!!

Christy said...

Yay for Autumn! Although I still can't believe she'll be in kindergarten? When did that happen? I just can't picture Autumn navigating around a big ole Elementary School.