Monday, December 8, 2008


I went to the dr. this morning. Only 5 weeks left! Jan. 11th can't come soon enough. I am measuring a week smaller than I should but my dr. is not the least bit concerned, he is positive myself and the baby will gain ample weight by the time the baby is born. Great! Can't the baby just gain weight? Oh wait, that means I gain weight...silly me. Next week starts those wonderful weekly appointments where you feel your privacy being invaded by your dr. When I moaned at him mentioning that next week he will start checking my cervix he said, "It's a good thing. It means your at the end." So! That's the attitude I need to have. I am at the end! Other than that all my numbers are good, and overall the appt. was short and quick, and my dr. left happy with me.

We have been really busy! I haven't blogged since before Thanksgiving. I will quickly update you! We went to Snowflake for Thanksgiving. I have zero pictures from that. Autumn was sick, then I was sick, then Drew was sick, then his neice was sick, then I got sick again. So no time to take pictures when people around you can't keep their food down.

My brother, my mom, and my dad came into town a couple of days after we got back from Snowflake.
Here is a photo of my mom with her two grandkids that live here.We had my baby shower. Thanks to all who came (especially my in-laws who drove 3 hours to come to just turn right back around and head home!!)! It is always nice to get together with friends and family to celebrate. I got lots of clothes! Weston will be one sharp dressed baby boy!
Staci's decked out car. (It was at a park, so this helped people know where to go.)
My friend made really cute cupcakes! (thanks JB)The clothes.Nov. was busy, and so far Dec. has been also! I have some really cute pictures of Autumn I want to post, but they will have to wait. This is enough for one day!! :)


Jessica said...

Glad to help :) Your mom is so cute! I wish I would have talked to her more. She seems like such an awesome person. Sorry she lives so far away from you :( when does/did she go home?

The Canciennes said...

Girl clothes are definately more fun than boy clothes, but boy clothes can be fun too. Especially after two girls! It's a fun change to dress a boy. Although I find myself drawn to the girls' racks when I'm looking for boy clothes.

Tanya and Chris said...

Holy tons of clothes! They are so cute. I think Boys are just as much fun to dress as girls. It is just different. I am mostly commenting because I love the picture at the top of your blog! Its way cute! Good luck with the baby having!:)