Sunday, November 23, 2008

4 wheelers and a little RockBand

We went up to Snowflake for the weekend, and I really enjoyed myself! I think Drew has realized when we go up there I want to get out and do things. Plus Drews entire family (including grandparents from Vegas) were there for a special occasion. Anyways! Here are some things we did.
Drew's dad has a new 4 wheeler that doesn't get used enough, so we thought we would see how Autumn liked it. Here are Drew and Autumn in his dad's new (under construction) garage/gym/office checking it out and noticing how filthy it was.
So Drew decided to wash it for him. Plus it kept him and Autumn from getting dirty.Autumn wanted to help too. Drew drying off the 4 wheeler and Autumn sweeping.Now that it's all nice and clean they can begin their ride!Here they are on their way down the hill, and around the driveway.After realizing that they were only going an average of 3 mph I got on the back and rode around too. Drew has a brother that LOVES video games, it is more of an obsession, but none-the-less...Autumn likes wandering into his room because it's new territory. She LOVES rockband, or atleast entertaining herself with the drums and microphone when her uncle is not paying attention to her. She is good with handling the drumsticks and hitting the "drums." I think it's too adorable.
I have always thought she would be a runner or dancer or gymnast because she is light on her feet, but she does really love music. So maybe music will play a role later in her life. :)


Rebel said...

CUTE! I love it ApriL!!!!

Cindy Ardis said...

I love the pictures, but why isn't Autumn wearing a helmet on that four wheeler? LOVE, Grandma

Habs said...

April, I just found your blog after looking at Kim and Lee's blog. Autumn is adorable. I haven't seen her or pics before! Congrats on the upcoming baby as well.

---Ashley Haberle

Jessica said...

Autumn is getting SO big!! I seriously cannot believe how huge she is. She is such a sweetie! Oh - your sister called me. I will call her back on Friday or Saturday. I just spaced it today. I would love to help. Also, I tagged you. Check out my blog :)

amee said...

Autumn is such a great little helper! I remember at the wedding she grabbed a broom and wanted to help sweep up the flower petals but then realized how fun it was to play in them! =)