Monday, November 17, 2008

You have to start them early...

I started reading to Autumn at a very young age. She has always studied things, even as an infant you would see her pick up a toy and just look at it, memorize it and study it. She loves pictures, and has a real love for books. I think she likes the independence of being able to turn the pages herself and babble to herself the story that is being told through pictures.
When Parker is over he tends to just watch Autumn. She is the easiest form of entertainment for him. It helps me get things done...he can just sit on the floor and watch Autumn as she runs back and forth, plays with toys, or smothers him with lots of lovin'.
I want Autumn to keep up her love of books, so we keep most of her board books under our coffee table so they are easily accessible anytime she wants to "read." One day it was cute, because both Autumn and Parker had books in their hands at the same time. And I don't remember specifically giving Parker a book...but it was cute because he would keep looking at Autumn, as if he was trying to make sure he was doing it right.

Autumn and Parker both sitting up reading.

The one above is cute, because he is sucking on his bottom lip, and smiling. Autumn still reading, but with her back to Parker. But Parker still watches her.He has totally gotten it down, how to hold a book! And he looks so comfortable.

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