Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We have a name!

Just a quick note- we have decided on a name. It's pretty permanent so I don't mind sharing it. It's WESTON ANDREW. In all honesty I wasn't too sure about it, but any other name we discussed Drew didn't like as much as Weston. I had pretty much all the say when naming Autumn, luckily he agreed and liked it. So I wanted Drew to have a lot of say this time around. We went to the temple on Sat. and we had some time to sit and ponder and I really felt good about the name, I needed that peace and assurance for some reason. So! There you go. People ask us all the time, and now we have a name!


jccraner said...

I love it! What will he go by? Weston, Wes,etc.

Mark said...

I like it.

The Popes said...

congrats how cute!! the first weston i ever met sat next to me in my college math class. great guy! so how long did it take you to decide on autumn's name?? ya..wish it was easier for us :)