Monday, November 10, 2008

My silly girl and an update on the pregnancy.

I needed to put away the Halloween decorations, which meant getting behind the Christmas boxes and yard sale boxes in our storage room. Autumns mini-swimming pool was sitting right on top so I grabbed it and threw it to the side. Autumn quickly snagged it and pulled it away to play with. She stayed entertained the whole time I was digging around and re-arranging. It made me sad that the weather has really cooled down and that she couldn't take full advantage of the pool.

She is my silly little girl. :)

oh- and a side note...I had a dr. appt. this morning. Everything is wonderful, I am measuring 31-32 weeks, which is right on schedule. The baby has a strong heartbeat. My weight gain- perfect. My dr. said I am more worried about it than he is. He said I should gain about 7 more lbs before the pregnancy is over, I think he forgot about the holidays coming up! It may be more like 10 lbs. :) But if it is only 7 I will be thrilled. 8 & 1/2 weeks and counting!!


The wifey said...

I would ask my midwife about my weight every appointment. I was freaking out! And everytime she would just tell me she wanted me to gain more. I obeyed and topped the scales gaining 42-45 lbs depending on the day.

Only 8 weeks to go that is so exciting!

The Canciennes said...

Only 8 1/2 weeks left? Did it seem to go by fast for you? It seems like you are only supposed to be half way and that you just found out what you are having!

The Popes said...

autumn looks so cute and content in that little pool .. maybe you can bring it inside for bath time :) glad all is well in pregnancy land .. seems like we are always the ones more concerned with our weight (will forever be a girl thing). .but glad to know you are right on track. these next 8 weeks are gonna fly!

jccraner said...

Don't worry about the weight thing! And I am so excited for you, Drew and Autumn! Another member of your family here in just a short amount of time! How exciting! Love you guys, Candace

amee said...

I can't to see another Hardy running around! If you need help running after two cute little ones, just let me know, I could use the exercise! :) I'm sure Autumn can't wait to hug her little brother - she's so cute with Parker! BTW, I love the pool scene. So cute. Maybe you should just leave it out all year long! Actually I should do that here in Utah and pretend I'm at the beach instead of single digit temperatures, that I'm sure, are soon to come!