Friday, May 1, 2009

The mall with Autumn and her cousin

Autumn really loves her cousin who is only a year younger than her. When I watched him a couple of days a week for a few months she got really attached to him. She gets so excited when I tell her we are going to get to see him.
My sister and I took our kids to the play area in the mall, it was pretty empty, a lady next to me said she thought it was because of the recent outbreak of the "swine flu." I enjoyed it. It was easier to keep up with Autumn when there weren't as many kids.
Both of them checking out the scenery from their desired stations!Autumn is a little busy body and in everyones business. When he played with a toy, she wanted to show him how to do it. She is going to be one bossy cousin, the joys of being older and a girl. :)


Cindy Ardis said...

Love the pics. I have cute grandkids. It's fun seeing them play together.

Robin said...

yeah. it is always nicer when you can enjoy a public place without a million people!