Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The RV Trip to Texas

A few weeks ago we went to Texas. It was so much fun, for once traveling with a 2 year old and 4 month old was a delight! A week before we left for Texas my parents drove their RV out here to visit and so we got to ride back with them! Autumn did really well (mainly because she wasn't restricted to a car seat the whole time and was able to stretch her legs more often than had she had been in our car) and everyone was able to lay down and sleep so that we could drive the 16 hours straight through. Weston and Autumn napped well and slept all through the night. It made the trip much more bearable.

We had a great time visiting my parents, and wished we could stay longer. Our original plan had us there 3 days longer but when we bought the plane tickets to come back we decided to fly back the day before Autumns 2nd Birthday so that we didn't have buy Autumn a plane ticket. Traveling by plane with 2 lap kids is difficult (for one you can't sit next to each other) and so we are glad next time Autumn gets her own seat, or we are only going to travel by RV. Just kidding.
I have a lot to blog about, but will start with photos of the RV trip there!

My little happy baby boy in his travel bed:Autumn trying out Weston's bed:
This is where Autumn chose to sit the majority of the time. She loves to be near Grandpa:A very happy Grandma and Weston:Autumn and Grandma enjoying some chips and dip:Autumn napping on the bed:It was a lot of fun, my mom and I played Rummy, we watched movies, we got to sit at the table and eat without stopping for food, and my mom, dad, and Drew were able to rest while the other person drove so that we could drive straight through to Texas.


Cindy Ardis said...

I can't believe how much fun that was. I wish we would of had an RV when you kids were little. It did make it nice. I enjoyed having you here so much. Hope you come again soon. I will come and get you anytime.

alisa said... was great to see your mom and dad. I just love those two! Glad you had a great time! Sounds like the RV is the way to travel!

Malik Family said...

We have that same travel bed. It's a life saver when there are two kids and only one pack 'n play.