Saturday, May 30, 2009

Autumns 2 Year Pictures

Tonight Drew and I went and tried to "recreate" Autumns 2 year photo shoot. We borrowed my in-laws camera thinking it would be better with motion shots than my camera (wrong- the girl is too dang fast and 1/4 of the pictures are blurry. Dad- I needed your camera!) I will give everyone just a glimpse of a "couple" of our favorites...but there are many many favorites. I have a friend in WY who does photography with her husband, they are going to do the editing for the pictures, and then my sister and I will dabble with some since she has a better software program on her hubby's computer than I do! So- remember, these are untouched pictures, and I will post them again once they are edited, cropped, and made even more perfect than they are. Thanks S.M. and S.S. for helping us out with that part!
(I had to sneak Weston in here...)

Okay okay, so there is more than a couple...but really- there are many more than this, but I only picked 11 out of all the ones I REALLY liked.


alisa said...

Oh my word! You did a great job!! They turned out fantastic...without editing! I love, love the one with Weston and Autumn (the one you have on the top of your blog page!). Adorable family!!

Christy said...

Cute. Did the other ones really not turn out? Is she refunding you?

Mr. and Mrs. Pope said...

i love how autumn is looking so intently at that book . .she's going to be quite the reader. and how cute is she with her hands on westons cheeks! i don't blame her . . he does have some pretty cute cheeks! pics are great!