Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why I Love My Kids

Yesterday I was in the bathroom and Autumn starts saying, "Bubba, Bubba" (What she calls Weston) and so I told her to go see him, he was in his bed waking up from his nap. When I got out of the bathroom I ran and grabbed the camera to take a picture of what I saw. Autumn had climbed into his bed, took the extra pacifier off my night stand, and laid down in his bed with him. (his bed is right next to my side of the bed so she probably climbed up on my bed, grabbed the pacifier and got into the pack n play with him.)
Another thing- I think I have really smart kids- Autumn has always seemes advanced to me- in the sense that she was sitting on her own at 4 months, crawling at 6 months, and running at 10 months. By 18 months she knew most alphabet letters, and now at 2 she can sing the alphabet and recognize any letter and count to ten all on her own. She amazes me and I think in her busyness I think it reflects her intelligence. She can't sit still and is constantly moving and she wants to be visually stimulated all the time. Whether it's by doing flash cards or watching movies, or reading books. I had HIGH hopes that Weston would be a little slower paced than Autumn and more relaxed. But he is starting to show many signs that he is keeping pace with his big sister. For example, he was sitting really well in his car seat, by himself during Sunday School, but I was bored so I picked him up and held him. I pulled out a book and started pointing to things on the page. When I was tired of the book I passed it to Drew to put away. Weston instantly started whining (this kid doesn't whine ever! it was shocking) As soon as I got the book back in front of him he was happy and we looked at it the rest of the block. His hands are constantly going too. He likes to have his hands busy. He loves to hold things, especially his toes and his pacifier. Though Autumn and Weston are different in hitting their mile stones at different ages Weston is not far behind. He can't sit up on his own like Autumn did when she was his age now, but he does very well sitting in my lap without my support and if he is on the floor he will sit for a few seconds and slump forward...but we're working on it. Something Weston does have Autumn beat in is moving. He is a mover. He is already getting up on his knees and moving backwards. I will put all his toys right in front of him and with in a matter of minutes he is 2 feet away from his toys. Also he likes to move sideways in a circle...I have a picture to show what it looks like. He is rolling over both ways already. I can't remember when Autumn rolled from her back to her front consistently but I am pretty sure it wasn't at 4 months. He is one strong boy. Also it took him 2 days to master eating cereal. This may not be a big deal but he was 4 months old when we introduced cereal to him (don't judge me- it was dr.'s orders...Weston is very skinny and spits up a lot, so to help encourage weight gain and less spitting up she had me start feeding him cereal once a day). His tongue/mouth/everything knew exactly what to do and I am no where near as frustrated with feeding him with a spoon as I was with Autumn at 6 months.
I hope Weston never feels the need to keep up with Autumn but at the pace he is going he may do so with out it being on purpose. He is so happy and calm. If I am having a rough time with Autumn I just go pick up Weston and I am instantly calmed...he is my Jasper (please tell me someone understands that! Staci? Sara? Anyone?).
Here are a few pictures to explain what I was talking about by him going in circles. I had all his toys in front of him, and I went in to Autumns room to changer her diaper and put her down for nap. When I came out of her room all of his toys were in a semi-circle and he had turned 180 degrees from where he started from.

He is my happy little boy. And my smart little boy. I don't know how he did this, how he moved his toys. But you can see him in that middle picture moving towards his next toy.


alisa said...

Too cute! Sounds like there is never a dull moment at your house! How fun!

Cindy Ardis said...

I love that picture at the top of your blog. I hope you young moms are writing all this stuff in a journal somewhere, so you can share this when they are older. That is so cute how he moves in circles he sure is learning things fast.

Rebel said...

JASPER is totally my favorite vamp! Way to go! Weston is a special boy- remember how he made me feel the first time I saw him?

We can do it said...

Heck yeah, Jasper. Nummers. I think the hottest part in the movie with him is when they are playing baseball. The look on his face right after he hits the ball, yummers. Anywho...the end.