Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More of our Texas Trip

We did a lot while we were in Texas. Lots of eating out, shopping, and playing in the yard. The weather was always crummy in the morning, so we would cancel our big plans (like going to the grassy knoll or Six Flags) and just hang out. It was relaxed and a perfect way to spend our anniversary and Drew's birthday. Plus! We loved being a home when my dad came home from work, Autumn was always so excited to see him!

When the sun was out we would pull out a kiddie pool for Autumn. She had a lot of fun in it. One day we put Weston in it, he wasn't so sure. He is so fair we had to keep his shirt on! We went shopping at Sam Moon's (twice), Target (twice), Wal-Mart (twice), Best Buy, Khols, and Cutie Patoodie. Here is Autumn (and Weston) in Target.
Did I mention we went out to eat? Almost everyday? It was quite a change for us. But we won't deny we enjoyed the tasty food. Here is my dad, Weston, and then Autumn at Texas de Brazil. We went there for lunch on Drews birthday. It was something we have craved for a long time, there is a similar restaurant in Trolley Square in SLC that we love to go to.
The service is a little slow for Autumn. We ate at Chick-Fil-A...mmmm. (we have them here, but the closest one to me is 20 min away)
Giving Grandma loves after lunch. Here is a picture of Autumn playing with my mom at Spring Creek BBQ...where we went to celebrate Drews birthday...with the whole family (my brother and his family, and my other bro and his g/f)We celebrated Drews actual birthday day at my parents house and my uncle and aunt came over, and my brother's g/f. I made fajitas for everyone and my mom made a cake. The only picture I will post of that night is this one: My dad loved every minute he could get with his grandkids.After dinner Weston hung out with my brother. Weston looks a lot like him. When he was born my mom kept saying how much he reminded her of my brother. They are both fair and very blonde. Autumn spent each and every spare moment she could with my dad. There is something special there. She can't get enough of him and he is so patient with her. She loved to cuddle with him and then climb all over him like he's a jungle gym too. She was his little shadow while we were there (which gave me a break).Autumn loved taking baths in my mom's big giant tub. She is looking at her reflection in the spout.One of the days when it was raining Autumn kept looking into the backyard...yearning to go out and play.Autumn and I played in my dad's chair.
And my cutie Weston hanging out on Grandma's couch:


amee said...

The pictures are great April! Looks like so much fun! I love the fact that Autumn is such a grandpa's girl! And I think that no matter where you go, the service will always be slow for Autumn! ;)
And I'm glad that Adam has a 'mini-me'! What a cute shot of the 2 of them!
Oh and one of my favs is the one of Weston in the pool! LOL! Too funny! Oh wait...I also like the one of Autumn looking outside to check the weather!
(ps. I agree about Chick-fil-A.....yum!)

Jana Adams said...

Your trip looks like it was so much fun!! I love the pictures!! I will be doing credentialing and insurance verification/auths for the Imaging facility that I currently work for all at HOME! :) I am so excited. I will also be doing the credentialing for some of the other sites we are opening in Florida and stuff. I have worked for this company since Brinlee was 4 months old and I love it, I am even more excited that I get to work from home now. You kids are so so cute!! And getting so big. We need to get the girls together for a play date :) Maybe when I start working from home I will have a little bit more time to do stuff. Thanks for the deals you post too, those are awesome!!

Cindy Ardis said...

That was a great week. We are so glad you came to visit. Love the pic. of weston in the pool. He's so funny, I don't think he like it. Any time you need a break from Autumn just send her our way. Send Weston and Parker too. Love you.