Saturday, June 13, 2009

Splash Park with Autumn and her 2 cousins

The other day my sister in law and her 1 year old daughter and my sister and her one year old son joined Autumn and I at a local mall where there is a childrens play area and in the middle is a little splash/water area. It was a lot of fun. I can't wait to go again, but to a different one.
Here is Autumn playing in the water:
My nephew was not all that you can tell from the above photo and the next couple of shots. He is as my sister says, "An observer." He liked sitting just outside the splash area and watching all the kids.But with some coaxing by his mom he made it into the water a few times. (But he loves the pool!)
Here is my sister in laws little girl. Don't be fooled- she is 11 months old, even though she looks older! She loved the water and it was hard to keep her out!

It was a lot of fun to let the kids move around and play in the water. Autumn enjoyed all the space and freedom. If the water shot up higher than her she didn't play in it any longer. She liked the small little water spraying up from the ground.


Cindy Ardis said...

Remember when she use to play with our hose in Arizona. These pictures are cute I especially like the one of her standing on one foot. Great balance! Parker just does his own thing, what a kid!

The Canciennes said...

Is Parker walking yet? Cute pictures. I'm sure Kaelyn and Morgan would have loved to join y'all. Yesterday I was watering the grass and they saw the sprinkler and immediately stripped and ran outside!

Rebel With an XT said...

Hi April! You're kids are adorable. I'm glad you found me. I will follow you now, and keep up with your adorable family!
Michelle Parish

Christy said...

Your pictures turned out good. We should try Desert Breeze next week.