Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Autumns Play Date

The other day I got to watch my nephew for a few hours and we had a lot of fun. Autumn loves her cousin. I watched him twice a week for a few months and even though I was super pregnant at the time I always looked forward to it and Autumn loved playing with him so often. So what a treat it was on Mon. to have him all to ourselves for awhile.
First thing we did was go to the park. Drew manned the double stroller with Autumn and her cousin in it and I had the single stroller with Weston. We walked to a park about a 1/2 mile away and it was so much fun! Autumn really enjoyed playing there with her cousin. And he is quite the daredevil. Taking both Drew and I by surprise! He was very photogenic. I didn't even have to touch any of these up. I got a bunch of great pics of him.
First up the swings:
He liked it! I didn't know what to expect because last time I saw him in a swing he didn't show much like or dislike. My little man!I tried to get a group shot. Autumn wasn't into it. She wanted to play on playground equipment.Future Rock Climber??Now the equipment. He was so busy and all over the place.Autumn always right behind to watch and see what he is doing.Taking on the big slide in the over 5 area!Parker wanted to go also. Don't worry. Drew is right behind him.He loved it! He went down several times. Once by himself! Otherwise Drew or I were holding his arm as he went down.
Afterwards we came home and while I was making their lunch they watched TinkerBell in Autumns room. For lunch, fish sticks and bananas.
Here is my favorite picture of the day. Christy you are going to love this! Staci used to make faces like this when she was a kid.


alisa said...

Ahhh, I love cousins. They are adorable!! I still can't believe how much Weston favors Bryan!

Rebel said...

lol. I love how Parker always turns to look at you and smile-- WHAT A HAM!

Christy said...

I giggled all the way through. How cute!! I need copies of those pictures. Email them to me sometime.

That park looks awesome. Whats the name of it?

Karina Marie said...

This is Mark's cousin Karina, sent here by Christy's link. LOVED these pics! Thanks for sharing! As a Dorff cousin who values some of her cousins as some of her closest friends.. I appreciate all cousins having fun times together!!

Cindy Ardis said...

So cute. What a fun day. Thanks for the pictures, being there would of been awesome, but you capturing it on film for us to see is the next best thing! I'm so glad Autumn and Parker have so much fun together, and that last picture of Parker did look alot like Staci when she would smile as a toddler.

amee said...

Adorable cute kids!! Love all the pics! Looks like so much fun! And that Parker is a HAM! ;)