Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time with Family

When my parents were in town we got together with my sister, bro-in-law, and my nephew and met at the mall to let the kids play (and do some shopping). There was a cute small carousel that Autumn and her cousin had a lot of fun on (despite the face Autumn is making).
Autumn in the train:My nephew in the boat:My nephew had a lot of fun on this (slow) moving horse:Autumn, not so much:She prefers still placed cars:Autumn and her cousin in the Hot Dog bus:

We had a lot of fun letting the kids play and spend time together. Afterwards we went into the Disney store, where to Autumn it was like being at DisneyLand (which makes us very excited to take her). She touched and wanted just about everything!


Rebel said...

SO CUTE... man I miss you guys! Are y'all comin' for Christmas??

April Hardy said...

Not a hundred percent sure yet! It's costs lots of moo-lah to buy and move into a house! We will see!! But we hope so! And Drew may not have the day after Christmas off...