Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weston at 9 Months

I can't believe Weston is already 9 months! Robin said it best, these last 9 months have gone by a lot faster than the 9 months of pregnancy.

Westons Stats:
Height: 29 inches ( 76th percentile)
Weight: 21.5 lbs. (51st percentile)
Head Circumference: 46 cm (51 percentile)

They checked his iron levels, which were fine. The dr. was impressed with his two little lower teeth and his swollen upper gums. He is right on track with pulling himself up, walking around furniture, and his eating and sleeping patterns. He is just a hair behind Autumn, she was taking steps at 9 months and then running at 10 months. He stands for a sec. and walks with support. But I know it won't be long before I have two kids walking and running around me!

Here are some cute pictures of my kids to document Weston at 9 months! My BIG boy! (Autumn wasn't over 20 lbs until she was 1...)


Heather said...

What cute kids! Autumn really loves her brother, she will even sit still to take a picture with him. That is pretty amazing. I didn't know she ever sat still long enough for a picture. Love it! I can't wait to see them. They grow up sooooo fast! I LOVE their BIG smiles!

alisa said...

Adorable! Time goes so fast!

Rebel said...

So cute... I miss them so much

Tina said...

They are adorable!! Jacob is finally starting to crawl, he's doing the army crawl but it's a crawl. He like to pull him self up and stand in the crib but no where else. He's so funny