Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Autumn's Big Day!

Yesterday was Autumn's first day of school. I will admit it was harder on me than it was for her. I have been so ready and anxious to get her out of the house and the day comes and I cry off and on the whole time she is gone. It was a whole flood of emotions that overcame me. Realizing how much trust I am having to put into her and her teachers now (because any of you who know Autumn and me-know that I have to hover over her when I take her out...she is fast, not the most obedient, and very busy- she is very easy to lose track of if you take your eyes off her) was just one big thing that kept coming to my mind. Also that she is growing up, she is only 3 but she is attending preschool which means she is gone from home 3 days a week and is now making friends and learning new things that I haven't taught her. I missed her and thought about her a ton. Wondering what she was doing and if she was cooperating.

She was really excited to go to school on that first day. After meeting her teacher and exploring her classroom on Fri. night I think she finally understood what I was talking about all summer when I told her about school. Her classroom is very fun and it was so hard to drag her (and Weston) away from it on Meet The Teacher Night.

Here she is at home right before we left for her first day:
Yesterday on our way to the school she kept saying, "Going to play w/ friends." Which made me excited that she was excited to go and play and learn. She seemed really tired after I picked her up yesterday (she goes from 12-230, right when her nap is) so I couldn't tell if she had fun or not, but today when she put her bookbag on a few minutes after being up I figured she was excited to go back. Today as I dropped her off we walked up with another mom and her 4 year old and the little girl and Autumn started talking, and Autumn turned to me and said, "My friend." This girl isn't in her class but it was nice to see her getting comfortable enough to interact with someone else.

I am so proud of Autumn, and that she didn't miss me or cry when I left her yesterday or today (how could a kid cry when the drop off spot is next to the playground? They are totally distracted!). She is always standing next to an adult, I can tell she isn't completely comfortable in wandering off or pushing her boundaries yet. Which is comforting, although when all the kids are on the playground and she is the only one still standing by the school with a teacher I wish she would just run and go play, but I know she is waiting for a nudge from the teacher to make it okay to go play.

Like in this picture, we had just gotten to school, signed in and put on their name tags and she finds an adult to stand next to: (and today when I dropped her off, as I drove past her she was standing at the tables next to an adult while all the kids ran around and played around them.)

She did a great job on her craft at school and did her homework last night. (Homework is optional but encouraged...Autumn doesn't go to a traditional preschool, it's a state funded preschool for kids with delays in all sorts of areas. Autumn is specifically getting Cognitive Therapy and Adaptive Behavior Therapy. There are kids of all races, and all disabilities- behavioral, speech, developmentally, and physically. So the homework is to help the kids remember what they learn at school and have the parents take a more active role at home to reiterate what they are learning about that week in school.) And Autumn loves to learn so I shouldn't have been surprised that she wanted to do more schooly things after dinner so we pulled out her "homework."

Here she is doing it:
She had to make a collage of things she likes, and things that represent her, she put stickers of the Disney Princesses, cats, dogs, fish, dinosaurs, and then she and I cut out stuff from a magazine and she glued it on, a ball, the words princess, play, and preschool; Toy Story, Mac and Cheese, Mickey, sandwich, hot dogs, and McDonald's arches.

I really see Autumn shining in a classroom setting, for me she may not be the most cooperative, but for others they just rant and rave over how good she is and how she listens...obviously most kids are better for other people but for Autumn it's like a totally different person exists when the parents aren't around, a better person. So I can see her really excelling and learning a lot at school.

So happy for school yesterday:

After we picked up Autumn from school we went to celebrate and got ice cream cones, it was a good day.
 I am so proud of her and can't wait to see (and hear about) all the things she learns.


alisa said...

Way to go Autumn! It is so hard to say goodbye....but sounds like an amazing school! And I am sure Weston is loving the extra mama time!

Rebel said...

Thank you thank you for posting! I'm so siked for her.. and YOU! Love you girls! P.S. I like that Weston gets an ice cream too :)

Heather said...

How fun! I am so glad that she is able to go to school early and get the help she needs. Bryce really needed help early, but in TN we weren't able to get any. I look forward to hearing more about her school and how she is doing. I love that cute little busy girl! She is alot like Savanah in that she can be really hard for her mama, but an ANGEL for others. Those little stinkers. Gotta Love them! August 23rd is going to be a hard day for me because my baby is going to Kindergarden:( I thought I was excited and ready for this day to have ALL 4 kids in school but I don't know what I am going to do with myself. I can't go to playdates anymore. New stages in life and be a little scary & sad (so why do we look forward to them until they get here?) Love Ya'll

Jamie said...

I can relate.... S & K start school in a few weeks and everytime I think about it I cry. The first day is going to be a rough one for me, but I am excited for them too.