Monday, August 30, 2010

Curriculum Night

Last week Autumns school did Curriculum Night- A Day In The Life Of Your Student. I was really excited to go because it's hard to get answers out of Autumn when I ask her what she did at school, so I really looked forward to seeing exactly what her day consisted of. Luckily my mom was in town that week and she is great at taking photos, so she took pics of Autumn in her classroom while I paid attention to what her teacher was saying. Students didn't have to go, in fact most parents didn't bring them but I wanted to see Autumn in her classroom and see what she likes and does. For security purposes, on school days, parents drop off and pick up the kids under a ramada outside so I haven't seen her in her classroom since Meet The Teacher night. It keeps parents and random adults from entering the school, for which I am grateful.

I am glad my mom got to see Autumn in her school environment too. She showed us where she sat on the Circle Mat and we saw where her assigned table was. Their day at Preschool is so structured and sounds so fun. While it's highly educational for Autumn, the way in which her teacher presents the material is a lot of fun and these students don't realize how much they're learning. I was glad to hear about all the individualized attention the students get. The teacher has two aids which helps gives the students a lot of attention. I also thought about how the kids might get bored with their classroom and the toys after awhile but every 6 weeks they change out the stations and toys keeping the classroom fun and helping the kids to continually learn new things.

This teacher has fought for this program and makes sure it is treated just as fairly as the rest of the school. I think any parent with a kid in public school has worried about funding and the quality of education since we know education has taken a huge cut. (Plus our small town has 2 charter schools, resulting in fewer kids attending public schools which severly hurts the public schools funding.) The parents school supplies list was probably as long as the Kindergardeners and 1st graders, but the teacher has tons of resources, since she has been doing this for 4 years here and 2 years previously in NY, and there are 2 other schools with the same program out here so if she doesn't have access to something the schools trade materials. They participate in Field Day like the rest of the grades, they take Field Trips, and do Meet The Teacher and Curriculum Night like the rest of the school. This teacher is perfect for this program.

Here is Autumn in her classroom-

Showing off their hats:
She has a play kitchen at home but this was clearly one of her favorite stations in the class:
Playing with a doll house:
Here is Autumns Teacher:
On the way out of the school we stopped to take a quick pic:
I can already see how much she has learned in just the few short weeks she has attended preschool. Everyday when I pick her up her teacher tells me how great she did that day. Which during the teachers presentation she noted that if she tells parents their kid had a rough day it's usually because they had problems trasitioning from one activity to another. Like when they have to clean up stations to do crafts or something. So I am glad Autumn has had nothing but great days at school because it means she is listening and doing the things she asked.


Christy said...

Cute pictures! I've wanted to see her classroom, too, so I'm glad you posted them.

Cindy Ardis said...

That was fun. Glad they didn't mind me taking pics. I was very impressed with this teacher she is amazing and really really loving what she does!! I am so glad I was able to be there and meet the teacher and see her classroom, it was alot of fun.