Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Celebrating Autumn's 1st Week!

Autumn had a wonderful first week of school. She really enjoys going and wants to go everyday, which I wish she could. I enjoy seeing the crafts she does, doing her homework with her (which is stuff I remember doing in Kindergarten...I will post about that later), reading the newsletters, and hearing everyday how she "played w/friends." Preschool has really been good for her and a big blessing for us all.
This picture is for my mom- I have had a hard time finding Autumn shoes to that go really well with her uniform and meet all the regulations for what type of shoe/sandals they are allowed to wear. So I bought these, and when I got home I started thinking they looked more like boy shoes. But when she wears skirts or shorts these shoes really do look best. Best part is, Weston can wear them too when she outgrows them, which will be soon- she has the chubbiest feet and these shoes are for narrow feet. Notice how far the laces are spread? I could barely tie them.
To celebrate on Sun. night finishing her first week we did a special dessert- BEIGNETS! A friend of mine was going to New Orleans for work and I asked her to pick me up a box of mix from Cafe Du Monde. This was a year ago and we just got around to making them. We picked a great time to wait! Plus we have enough mix left over to make them again when my parents come.

First- I made the dough- rolled it out- cut them out.
Fried them up in a pan!
After frying them up- drain them on a paper towel.
I like mine w/just powdered sugar.
Drew likes the way Tiana does it on Princess and the Frog w/honey and powdered sugar. (He has never been to N.O. so he only knows what he sees- but I had never had them that way.) Which I tried- and really enjoyed too!
The only picture I got of anyone eating any was Weston. He and Autumn got his plain and dipped it in honey. We were too busy eating and enjoying them to stop and take pictures. They are best warm!
It really made me want some chocolate milk in a small glass, and made me miss always getting together w/family members when we would visit N.O. Three of the biggest things I remember always doing when we went was getting snowcones, po-boys, and eating beignets. Yum! This treat was a big hit- I made 20 and they all got eaten that night. No judging!


Holli said...

Weston is getting so big! What cute kids!

Kristine said...

Well let Drew know, that we don't really put honey on our beignets, lol. But I'll forgive him, just this once. Lol. Love me some beignets. I think I'll go get some Saturday :)

And Autumn looks so grown up in her school uniform. And her hair seems to have started growing warp speed.

alisa said...

Yummy! What a great treat! Way to Autumn on a wonderful first week of school. Love the pictures...she looks so happy!

Jessica said...

YEAH!!! I am so SO glad I got those for you and that you got to enjoy them! Yum....makes me want to go back and get some myself. Hey we need to get together! What is your schedule like? email me!!

Cindy Ardis said...

I am surprised nobody mentioned you using the term snowcone. Whenever I say that everyone is quick to remind me it is snowball!!
Your pictures were cute and cant wait to get me some beignets. I miss the food there too!!